Kundali Bhagya 3rd May 2023 Written Update Gatecrash

Kundali Bhagya 3rd May 2023 Written Update Gatecrash

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Kundali Bhagya 3rd May 2023 Written Update Gatecrash. Shaurya has created a problem in Palki’s life, but Rajveer is there to protect her. Shaurya’s plans bring Palki and Rajveer together. Rajveer tells that he will get justice for Palki. They reach the style awards. The guards stop Rajveer and Palki. They ask for the pass. Rajveer tells that he forgot the pass. The guards ask them to leave if they have no entry pass. Rajveer asks Palki to just run. They both trick the guards and run inside. Shaurya has taken revenge on Rajveer and Palki.

On the other hand, Karan sings praise of Shaurya. He asks Shaurya to perform on the stage. Nidhi is surprised that Karan has kept her word and didn’t upset Shaurya. She tells that she is happy to see Karan and Shaurya bonding. Karan doesn’t appear happy after faking a smile on stage. He wishes Shaurya does something commendable. Palki gets to meet Karan and asks for his autograph. She tells that she isn’t asking for his autograph because he is a former cricketer, but for the fact that he is a good person. Karan wonders who is she and how she knows much about him. On the other hand, Gurpreet meets Daljeet and asks her to consider Rajveer for Palki. She tells that Palki can’t get a better person than Rajveer. Daljeet doesn’t agree. She is worried that Ketan might refuse to marry Palki and not help Mahi in her career also.

Meet Upcoming Spoiler:

Meet makes a plan with Manmeet and exposes Shagun’s truth in the mandap. Manmeet is heartbroken knowing Shagun had stabbed him and risked his life just to remove Meet from his life. Shagun falls into his eyes. Meet reveals Shagun’s truth in front of the entire family. The family is also hurt that Shagun is evil and cheated them. Meet consoles Manmeet. Yashoda throws Shagun out of the house. Nitin also gets exposed. Nitin and Shagun get kicked out of the house. Meet and Manmeet unite. Manmeet realizes that he loves Meet. Yashoda is happy with their relationship and blesses them, but Sarkar doesn’t accept Meet as his bahu.

Kundali Bhagya 3rd May 2023 Written Update Gatecrash:

Palki recalls the way Rajveer defended her. She cries. Rajveer sees her crying and consoles her. He asks her if is she okay. She thanks him. He asks her not to thank him. She tells that he had thanked her when nobody believed her and stood by her. He replies that she has done a lot for Preeta and him, he hates bad people but she is very nice. She asks him where are they going and who had put the necklace in his bag. He tells that they are going to reach soon and she will know it. They reach the style awards venue. She asks why did they come here. He tells that Shaurya is getting an award here.

He asks her if she can run well. She says yes and asks about his plan. He tells that they have come to teach a lesson to Shaurya. She asks him if he is angry that Shaurya was mocking her. He tells that Shaurya is the root of all the problems. He asks her to do as he tells her. The guards stop them and ask for the invite. Rajveer tells that he forgot it. Guard asks them to leave. He signals her to run inside. They trick the guards and run inside. On the other side, Mahi comes home with Daljeet. She breaks down recalling her insult. Daljeet consoles her and praises her beauty. Mahi is hugely disappointed.

Daljeet tells that very soon Mahi will become a big star. She motivates Mahi. Palki asks Rajveer why he lies and made her lie. He tells that they have to give back what the other person deserves. Their entry creates a disturbance in the event. Karan tells that the event will take time. He worries about his meeting. Shaurya tells that he is not the reason for the delay. Karan blames him. He asks the organizer to call him when things get sorted. Shaurya gets troubled and thinks of Rajveer and Palki. He wonders if they are struggling at the police station.

The guards look for Rajveer and Palki. Karan asks the guards why are they running away. He finds Palki hiding. She requests him to not tell the guards. He sends the guards away. She thanks Karan for help. He asks her what is she doing. She remembers Rajveer’s words. Ketan and Jasbeer come to meet Daljeet. Mahi greets them. Ketan asks her where did she go. She tells that she had gone for a photoshoot. He asks about Palki. Jasbeer tells that Palki left with Rajveer. Gurpreet comes and gets to hear about Rajveer. She tells that Rajveer would have taken the wrong route. Ketan asks since when does Rajveer know Palki?

Gurpreet tells that sometimes people know each other in a short time. She asks Ketan not to doubt relations, or else the relations break. Jasbeer agrees. Daljeet goes to make tea. Mahi tells Ketan that she needs his help in getting good modeling projects. Ketan agrees. Palki asks Karan if he is Karan Luthra. Karan asks her not to ask for an autograph. She still asks for his autograph. He realizes that she doesn’t know him. She tells that she has seen him in the news and magazines, so she wanted to confirm it. He asks if he should write something for her parents. She tells that she doesn’t watch cricket. He asks the reason. She tells that she stays busy with her studies and has no interest in cricket.

She adds that she is taking his autograph because he is a nice person, he didn’t tell the guards about her and gave a chance to her to explain herself, so she has become a fan of him. He smiles. She asks if she said something wrong. He gets reminded of Preeta. He tells Palki that he had someone in his life who never watched his matches and didn’t like him initially. He gives his autograph. She wants to tell him about Shaurya. He gets an important call and asks Dr. Batra not to cancel his meeting. Palki leaves from there. Gurpreet doesn’t like Ketan. She asks Daljeet to find a better guy for Palki, someone like Rajveer would be more suitable for her because Ketan has no faith in Palki. Daljeet doesn’t agree with her.

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