YRKKH Manjiri ultimate ruckus Big revelation

YRKKH Manjiri ultimate ruckus Big revelation

YRKKH Manjiri ultimate ruckus Big revelation in the Goenka household. Akshara loves Aarohi and wishes her the best. She wants Ruhi’s happiness, which lies in Abhimanyu. She tells Abhimanyu that Aarohi and Ruhi’s lives will get destroyed if he doesn’t give them the needed attention. She feels sorry that Aarohi is understanding everything and feels heartbroken by his indifference towards Ruhi. She doesn’t think Aarohi and Ruhi are at fault. She says that Abhimanyu can never become Abhir’s father by hurting Ruhi’s heart and he needs to understand this before it gets too late. She asks him to limit his madness for Abhir and understand his responsibilities towards his family. She lectures him that his mistakes will make their children suffer more than them. She asks him to decide wisely and choose either Abhir or Ruhi.

She reminds him that Ruhi is his first child because their relationship is made by heart. Abhimanyu gets thinking on a serious note. She wants him to decide because he can’t become the father of both Abhir and Ruhi at the same time. Manjiri is very shocked to learn the truth that Abhir is Abhimanyu’s son. She rebukes Akshara for hiding such a big truth from the family. Akshara gets scared that the truth will not be limited to just Manjiri, but get known to the families as well. Manjiri yells at Akshara and feels she is taking revenge on them by hiding about Abhir. She says that she should have hidden her happiness than the truth.


Akshara tells that she didn’t hide anything from Abhimanyu, even though they got separated a long time back. Manjiri doesn’t believe her. She loses her cool. Both couples return home. Akshara fears the worst. She tells Abhinav that they have to be prepared because anything can happen anytime. Manjiri creates a ruckus at Goenka’s house. She summons the family. Manish asks the reason. She says that she has come to share the good news. She reveals the truth that Abhir is Abhimanyu and Akshara’s son. The news shocks the Goenkas.


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