GHKPM 6th May 2023 Written Update Warring Virat

GHKPM 6th May 2023 Written Update Warring Virat

GHKPM 6th May 2023 Written Update Warring Virat. Satya tries the sweet dish at Sai’s request. Amba and the family are surprised to see Satya eating the sweet dish and changing because of Sai. They are glad that Satya is moving on with Sai. Amba is sure that this relationship will blossom. She wishes Sai and Satya to stay happy in their lives. She loves the sweet dish and says that Sai is indeed a good Bahu. Vinayak misses Pakhi and cries for her. He doesn’t take his food and medicines. He doesn’t listen to anyone and asks them to leave him alone. He calls the family bad for not stopping Pakhi. Satya takes care of Savi and puts her to sleep. Amba meets Sai and gives her the Nek for the first rasoi. She blesses Sai for helping Satya move on. She tells that she will take Savi to her room.

Satya and Sai ask her to let Savi stay back. Amba asks him how will he start his family. He asks Amba not to say such things. He apologizes to Sai. Vinayak calls Sai and tells her that Pakhi left him forever. He adds that she left a letter and went away from the family. He asks her to save his family from breaking. She asks him not to cry. He asks her to come home. She assures them that she will come to meet him and fix everything. She wonders why did Pakhi leave the house. She tells Satya that Vinayak is crying a lot and she has to go to see him. He tells her that he will drop her at Chavan’s house. Amba finds them leaving in a rush. She wishes that they spend time together. Sai tells Satya that the situation will get worse if Virat sees him.


Satya tells that Virat and Bhavani will fight her anyway. She asks him to go back home. She enters Chavan’s house. Satya wants to wait for her return. Virat tells the family that he couldn’t find Pakhi till now. They worry for Pakhi. They get surprised to find Sai at the door. Virat asks Sai to leave. Sai tells that Vinayak has called her home and she has come to meet him. He doesn’t want to see her face. She tells that she is helpless to come home. She asks him why did Vinayak call her when Virat is a good father.

She tells that Vinayak is hungry since the morning. She asks Virat to calm his anger and permit her to meet Vinayak if he is a good father. Ashwini tells Virat that Sai is right and Vinayak is wrong. Virat asks her to leave and not try to become Vinayak’s mother. He shuts the door on her face, but she hinders him. She tells that she won’t leave without meeting Vinayak. He doesn’t let her inside. Vinayak reaches there and hugs Sai. Satya returns home. His family teases him about his romantic trip with Sai. Satya tells that Sai went to meet Vinayak at Chavan’s house. He explains to Amba that Sai has gone to take care of Vinaya because Pakhi has left the house. He says that Vinayak is getting unwell and it’s about his health.

Amba calls him foolish to drop Sai at Virat’s place. Satya asks Amba not to create a big issue. Amba tells that Sai is trying to balance two families, which means she isn’t loyal to anyone. She asks him to make things clear to Sai. She decides to leave the city and take Satya and Sai away from the Chavan family. She tells that she will not tolerate Sai’s craze for Chavans. Vinayak tells Sai that she wants Pakhi. She tells that Pakhi is angry, but she will come back when her anger calms down.

She asks him to take care of himself and stay in good health when Pakhi comes back to meet him. She tells that he shouldn’t make Pakhi feel guilty. He requests her to find Pakhi. She promises him. Virat isn’t happy to see Sai. He lectures her on relationships and warns her to never visit Vinayak again. Virat and Sai have a battle on for their son Vinayak.

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