YRKKH 6th May 2023 Written Update Truth finale

YRKKH 6th May 2023 Written Update Truth finale

YRKKH 6th May 2023 Written Update Truth finale. Manjiri yells at Goenkas and tells her that she will take Abhir with her. Birla’s family arrives there and watches the drama. Manish confronts Akshara about hiding the truth from him, hen he is always there to support her. He asks her to just speak the truth. He doesn’t have any patience left. He tells that her secret has ashamed him today. He asks her to tell them everything she has hidden. Suhasini asks Akshara if she doesn’t know to differentiate between Sasural and Maayka families. She knows Akshara has chosen to hide from Abhimanyu, but she should have trusted her own family. Swarna tells that they have many questions and they have no answers for Manjiri. Manish feels they have failed in understanding Akshara. She asks him not to blame himself.

He tells that they can’t give any answer to Manjiri. Kairav supports Akshara. He tells that Akshara has told him and he was aware of the truth. Akshara and Abhinav are surprised by his lie. Kairav tells that Akshara told him everything when he came to Kasauli, but he asked her to hide it from his family. Abhinav realizes that Muskaan has told the truth to Kairav. Manjiri blames Akshara for cheating all of them. She tells that Akshara has given them much pain. Kairav asks her not to talk about the past. Manjiri tells that Akshara has failed in keeping a wife and mother’s duty. She adds that Akshara has snatched their rights on Abhir.


Kairav defends his sister. He tells that Akshara’s rights were also snatched. He asks Abhimanyu to remind Manjiri what happened with Akshara. He tells that Akshara just got sorrow and punishment. Manjiri tells that Abhimanyu got punished by loneliness, he had lost his son and he deserves Abhir now. Kairav asks her not to judge Akshara. Manjiri tells that Akshara is their culprit and they want Abhir with her now. She asks why didn’t they Abhir’s love for the last six years. She asks the Goenkas if they think Akshara has done right.

She asks Suhasini if she won’t tell anything to Akshara. Aarohi asks Manjiri to calm down. Manjiri asks her to question Akshara. She adds that Aarohi and Ruhi’s lives can change with this truth. She tells that Abhimanyu has a son and he didn’t even know about it. She asks him if Akshara is wrong or not. Abhimanyu calls Akshara wrong. Manjiri tells that Akshara isn’t wrong alone, Abhinav is equally wrong and he has also hidden the truth from them. Akshara and Abhinav tolerate Manjiri’s anger. He doesn’t speak a word. Manjiri tells that Abhinav is also a sinner like Akshara. She asks Abhinav why he supports his wife in her revenge plan. She tells that Abhinav did wrong to snatch someone else’s child.

Abhinav has already answered Abhimanyu about his stand. Manjiri calls Abhinav a selfish man to cheat on Abhimanyu. She asks how he lied to Abhimanyu. She asks him if he was so lonely that he accepted someone else’s wife and child. She calls him a disgusting person for stealing someone’s child. Abhinav weeps silently. Akshara finally breaks her silence and takes a strong stand for Abhinav. She asks Manjiri not to question Abhinav because she has no rights. She tells that it was her decision to hide the truth from Birlas. She answers Manjiri to defend Abhinav’s stand.

She asks Manjiri if she has the courage to hear the truth. She tells that she suffered a miscarriage with Neil’s truth, but nobody cares for her. She reminds Manjiri of what did she do and what did her son do. She tells that Manjiri accused her and Abhimanyu kicked her out of his life by signing the divorce papers. She adds that she got to know about Abhir’s survival in her womb and she had called Abhimanyu repeatedly by forgetting everything. She tells that Abhinav also tried to contact Abhimanyu, but the latter didn’t speak or listen. She asks Manjiri if she didn’t understand someone else’s pain. She wishes Manjiri cared for her and came to find her.

She tells that Manjiri couldn’t understand her pain and had lost all the rights to Abhir. Manjiri tells that she would have met Akshara if she knew about Abhir. Akshara asks if she would have accepted her or snatched Abhir from her. She tells that Abhinav has saved Abhir’s life. She blurts the truth about Abhinav and her namesake marriage. Abhimanyu gets disturbed by this truth. He feels guilty about Akshara’s problem. Abhimanyu meets Akshara and thinks about their past. She thinks she should have really kept her marriage with Abhinav, who is indeed a nice man.


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