Kundali Bhagya 8th May 2023 Written Update Preeta’s son

Kundali Bhagya 8th May 2023 Written Update Preeta's son

Kundali Bhagya 8th May 2023 Written Update Preeta’s son. Palki asks Mahi to stop thinking about Shaurya. Mahi tells her that she was excited to meet Shaurya at the store, but after hearing the truth from Palki, she doesn’t respect him now. Palki knows that Mahi likes Shaurya and thinks he is a hero. She tells that Shaurya is a villain. Mahi tells that Shaurya has a name, fame, and money, and Rajveer has values, charm, and good nature. Palki asks her if she likes Rajveer. Mahi tells that she is confused between Shaurya and Rajveer. Palki asks her not to waste her time. Mahi tells that Shaurya will have many servants in his house, he is very rich and has everything at his command, and Rajveer is rich by his values. She thinks about who is the best. Rajveer realizes his mistake and feels sorry.

Gurpreet tells that he has done the right thing, he has taken the right stand for Palki, he has made them proud and he is the best to always stand for the right. She tells that she is happy with his arrival in their lives. She feels he met Palki by fate. She tells that he feels some old connection with him, and he will take care of all of them and be with them always. Rajveer tells that he will try to take care of everyone and handle them. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s heart.


She blesses him and asks him to keep smiling. She tells that she will get food for him. He feels he has turned Preeta too upset. On the other side, Shaurya is angered and recollects his clashes with Rajveer. He goes to the terrace and drinks. Nidhi watches Shaurya. Shaurya gets mad at Rajveer. Nidhi asks him to calm down. He tells that he will exact revenge on Rajveer. He wants to make Rajveer suffer. He tells that he will do the same thing to Rajveer and make him feel the same pain.

Nidhi asks him to stay away from Rajveer, who is bad news for him. He tells that Rajveer always comes into Shaurya’s life and becomes a hero in Karan’s eyes. She worries that Shaurya is becoming a villain in the family’s sight. She asks him not to do anything, that will make her terms worse with Karan. She advises him to stay calm and not anger Karan. Shaurya tells that he will not stay calm and he will settle scores with Rajveer. Meanwhile, Palki thinks of Rajveer. She develops a liking for him. Rajveer is also thinking of Palki. He doesn’t want his feelings of love to come between his goals of revenge on Karan. He gets helpless to think about her.

Shaurya gets disturbed in his sleep when he thinks of Rajveer and Palki, the two sources of tension in his life. Shaurya thinks Palki is also irritating like Rajveer. He tells that he hates Palki as much as he hates Rajveer. He adds that Rajveer was troubling him before and now Palki joined Rajveer’s team. He wants to teach a big lesson to both Rajveer and Palki. The next morning, Karan stays busy scheduling his meetings. Rakhi asks him to have a cup of tea and go to the office to do his work. She asks him to change the house into his office if he wants to do work all the time. Rishabh is also busy attending work calls. Rakhi tells that even Rishabh is bringing the office home.

Rishabh tells that work calls are important. She tells that both her sons give her stress. She wants the home to appear as a home, not any office. Karan and Rishabh aren’t able to say anything. They apologize to Rakhi. She tells that it’s her home, and work discussions aren’t allowed, she just wants her family to spend time together. She misses the old family moments. Shaurya’s friend Sandy arrives. Rishabh asks him what does he want. Sandy asks about Rishabh. Rishabh asks him if he has no other work to do in his life. He lectures Sandy. Rakhi sends Sandy to Shaurya’s room. She asks Rishabh not to treat guests like that. He tells that Shaurya’s friends are spoiling him. Karan tells that Shaurya is bad.

Rishabh asks him to give him some time and try to speak to him. He tells that Shaurya is scared of Karan. He asks Karan to give good teachings to Shaurya. Karan praises Rajveer, who is of Shaurya’s age. He compares them. Rishabh asks why is he fighting with him like Shaurya is his son and Rajveer is Karan’s son. He tells that Shaurya will understand things one day. Karan doesn’t think Shaurya can change. Rakhi wants to make Shaurya good like Rajveer. Rishabh tells that they are different, and they should be themselves, they are good and unique. Rakhi tells that she wants to meet Rajveer, who has impressed Karan and Rishabh. Rishabh tells that Rakhi will also get glad to meet Rajveer.

He knows Shaurya is also good-hearted and just needs some guidance. Rajveer gets ready for his office. He looks for Preeta. He feels upset to face her. Preeta asks him why is he sad, he should be happy and keep a smile on his face. She adds that she is upset with him, but wants to see him happy, she loves him as his mother and wants his happiness. She tells that anger won’t lessen her love for him. He weeps. She wipes his tears. Gurpreet tells that Rajveer loves her a lot. Preeta tells that she also loves him a lot. She cheers him up by taking Palki’s name. She blesses him and asks him to go to his work. Rajveer makes a leave. Gurpreet finds Preeta crying and consoles her. She tells that she has to go to the market. Preeta thinks of Shaurya.

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