3 Top Twists in Anupama Imlie Pandya Store

3 Top Twists in Anupama Imlie Pandya Store

3 Top Twists in Anupama Imlie Pandya Store. Vanraj cleverly changes his side. He tells that when they don’t have any source of joy, then they should become a part of someone else’s happiness. He tells that they should witness Anuj and Anupama’s union. Leela gets puzzled. Vanraj reaches Anupama’s place and gets to see her anxiousness to meet Anuj. He already gets the news of Anuj falling into trouble because of Maya. He wants to see Anupama’s reaction when she gets the bad news. Anupama is surprised to see Barkha. She knows Ankush is supportive of her, but Barkha wanted to keep Anuj away. Anupama gets shocking news about Anuj’s flight. She tells Ankush that they have to rush and find out where did Anuj disappear. Anupama gets Anuj’s call. Pakhi tells her that Anuj is calling her. Anupama attends the call and asks Anuj if is he okay. What she hears from the other side of the line shocks her. Vanraj and Barkha get glad, while Anupama’s family worries for her.

Pandya Store:


Prerna decides to inform Krish about her pregnancy. She tells that she will discontinue the pregnancy because Krish is married to Shweta. Suman decides to reform Shweta and accept her in the family. Shweta has her own plans to fulfill once she becomes the Pandya family. She wants Suman to accept her as Krish’s wife and Pandya’s family bahu. Suman doesn’t think they are left with any option than to accept Shweta.


Imlie finds Atharv’s letter but fails to read his name. She takes care of Kairi. She doesn’t know her relationship with Kairi but feels attached to her. Atharv tells Chini that Kairi has gone away from them for the first time. Chini tells that Kairi would be missing them a lot. They call up Kairi and learn that Kairi is with Imlie. Kairi tells them that she loves Imlie a lot. Atharv and Chini are stunned.


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