Kundali Bhagya 21st May 2023 Written Update Rakhi sees Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 21st May 2023 Written Update Rakhi sees Preeta

Kundali Bhagya 21st May 2023 Written Update Rakhi sees Preeta. Palki confesses her feelings to Rajveer before her engagement ceremony begins. She tells Rajveer that since she got to know him, she has learned the meaning of true friendship. She says that no other relationship is more important than friendship, and he has always proved this by protecting her. She is grateful to him and tells that he has made her realize the essence and feeling of friendship. Pakhi and Daljeet make a prayer for Palki’s good future at the temple. Rakhi hears Preeta’s voice and turns to see. She is much shocked to see Preeta alive. Rakhi wonders how is possible that Preeta left them when she was alive.

She wants to know if Preeta is her Preeta and why she didn’t return to them. She fears that Preeta is so annoyed with her that she ignored her and went away from her. She fails to get any information about Preeta. She wants Preeta to come back home to their family and Karan. She isn’t able to forget Preeta in all these years. She feels her prayers for Preeta have worked and finally Preeta has come back. She is thankful to Matarani for returning Preeta to her. She wants to rush home and inform Karan about sighting Preeta. Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya on 21st May 2023.


Radha Mohan:

Mohan says he is hurt to escape Radha. He doesn’t want to repeat his mistake. He tells that he will find his Radha and get her home. He promises Gungun that he will bring Radha safely. Radha gains consciousness and calls out to Mohan. Mohan does not know Damini’s evil plan to lock Radha in the cold storage. He wants his answers from Damini. Will Damini speak up and tell him the truth? Will Mohan make her confess her crimes? Stay tuned.

Kundali Bhagya 21st May 2023 Written Update Rakhi sees Preeta:

Rakhi tells the pandit that she was praying for Preeta, she had seen her today and she wants to know about her. She asks where did her Bahu disappear when she was here. Preeta goes to give some laddoos to the pandit. Daljeet tells that they should go home and do the work. Preeta agrees with her. Pandit tells Rakhi that maybe she is hallucinating and saw her Bahu. Rakhi tells that if it’s an illusion, then she would wish to see her Bahu once again. She wants to be sure that her Bahu is alive. Pandit tells that he will pray for her. Rakhi tells that she misses her Bahu even today.

On the other hand, Rajveer and Palki meet and get emotional. He takes care of her and asks her to have a cold drink. She tells that she wants to tell something because she won’t be able to say it later. She adds that she will be leaving her home and then she won’t be able to thank him enough for making her a friend and helping her throughout. Rajveer and Palki feel like crying. She tells him that he has become much more important to her, and she wishes to get his hand in her hand forever. He asks her to have the cold drink and goes. Rakhi describes Preeta as the pandit. He rushes to tell her about Preeta, but she doesn’t listen to him.

Preeta comes back and asks him to purify a black thread for warding off bad sight from Palki. Pandit tells Preeta that Rakhi was asking about someone who was also wearing clothes like her. Preeta tells that she doesn’t know anyone in the city. He tells that Rakhi said she is her Bahu. Preeta tells that she isn’t married. She takes his blessings. Khurana and Gurpreet welcome Ketan and Jasbeer. They wait for Preeta and Daljeet. Khurana praises Rajveer for helping them with the arrangements. Rakhi decides to donate a few things to the poor kids. Preeta gives sweets to the poor kids. Rakhi reaches close to Preeta again. She gets to see Preeta there and thinks it’s not her illusion.

She shouts to call Preeta and runs to meet her. Rakhi falls on the road when a car hits her. She misses finding Preeta. Rajveer reaches the temple to pick up Preeta and Daljeet. He sees Rakhi in trouble and rushes to help her. She wonders where did Preeta go. He asks her to sit and have water. He asks if she is okay. He tells her that he will take her to the doctor. He asks her to just do as he is saying because he doesn’t like to fight with his elders. He tells that he will call his Maasi and take her along if she is around. He calls up Preeta and asks where is she.

She tells that she is coming to Palki’s house. He asks her to go home. He tells that his Maasi already left for home. He takes Rakhi to her car and accompanies her. She tells that he reminds her of her son. He tells that she has to listen to him. Preeta asks Daljeet to get freshen up. She tells that she will handle the kitchen work. Rajveer brings Rakhi home to show her to Dr. Palki. He tells that Preeta is his Maasi. Rakhi greets Jasbeer and tells that she has come as a patient. Rajveer tells that Rakhi is his guest.


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