Kundali Bhagya 24th May 2023 Written Update Wedding drama

Kundali Bhagya 24th May 2023 Written Update Wedding drama

Kundali Bhagya 24th May 2023 Written Update Wedding called off. Preeta asks Rajveer not to worry, he will surely reach his destination. She tells that he doesn’t need to leave love behind. She adds that once a person loses love, he can never get it back. She feels Palki is made only for Rajveer. He tells that he doesn’t love Palki. She asks him not to deny it and be brave to accept his feelings. Shaurya barges into Palki’s house to stop her engagement and marriage. Palki’s engagement is done before Shaurya’s entry. Shaurya creates a huge drama at Palki’s wedding. He asks everyone to stop the marriage and throws pictures of Rajveer and Palki’s close moments.

He got the pictures shot when Rajveer had come to the goon’s place to rescue Palki. Shaurya asks Ketan and Jasbeer if they will still accept such a characterless girl, who is already having an affair with Rajveer. The entire family is shocked to see the pictures of Rajveer and Palki. Ketan rebukes Palki and feels cheated after Shaurya presents the evidence of her affair with Rajveer. Rajveer was thinking that he was losing his love, Palki, but Shaurya unknowingly brings such a twist that speaks of Rajveer and Palki’s unspoken feelings. Shaurya does wonders for the couple who weren’t able to stop the wedding owing to their family restrictions.


Shaurya helps Rajveer and Palki while thinking it’s his biggest revenge move. Ketan refuses to marry Palki after Shaurya gets Palki defamed. Palki weeps because the truth isn’t like Shaurya is presenting. Rajveer takes a stand for Palki and defends her character. Shaurya questions Rajveer and Palki’s relationship. Palki is compelled to leave the mandap. She breaks down and cries. Mahi asks Palki to tell them that she has no relationship with Rajveer. Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya on 24th May 2023.

Shaurya makes a plan to ruin Palki’s marriage. His friends have bought concert tickets. Shaurya tells that he can’t come to the concert, he has worked hard to get an invite to Palki’s wedding so that he can defame her. He wants his friends to attend the wedding. He promises big drama and entertainment at the wedding. He tells that he can’t divulge more details. He asks them to get ready for the marriage and come back soon. He tells that they would have not seen such drama ever in their lives. Rajveer sees Palki from far. Daljeet and Gurpreet look for Palki’s earring. Palki and Rajveer see each other. Preeta sees them sharing an eye lock. She knows they have feelings for each other.

Daljeet finds the earring and makes Palki wear it. She tells that Ketan has come with the baraat. She asks Palki to come out when Mahi comes to call her. Preeta asks Rajveer what’s the matter. Rajveer doesn’t tell her anything. Preeta tells that few people don’t express their feelings. She adds that she can see his love in his eyes for Palki. He tries to deny it. She tells that she knows it and she is sure of it. She asks him not to hide it from her. She tells that he loves Palki. He tells that sometimes what they want isn’t in their fate, and not everyone can change their fate and get whatever they want. Preeta understands him and asks him to admit the truth, love is a power that can change fate.

He tells that he has a motive in his life and he doesn’t want to lose his focus. He doesn’t want to get involved in a love relationship. She tells that he can achieve anything while getting his love, if he loses his love, then he will never get it back. She asks him to balance his work and love. He tells that he can’t balance it and he can only have one thing at a time. Preeta tells that there is still time, Palki is a nice girl and she will be the best fit for him, she is made for only him, it’s not too late, and his fate can change. He tells that he doesn’t love Palki. He asks her to come and welcome the baraat. She asks him not to say that she didn’t understand his feelings. He tells that he won’t say it.

Meanwhile, Rakhi comes home and tells Girish that she has seen Preeta. He asks if is she fooling him. He tells Bani and Kareena that Rakhi has seen Preeta today. They question Rakhi. Rakhi tells that she has seen Preeta in front of her eyes. Bani asks how can this happen. Rakhi tells them how she got to see Preeta in the temple and then Preeta disappeared. She adds that she didn’t find Preeta there. She tells Bani that she was donating the clothes to the kids and saw Preeta once again. She also tells about her accident. They worriedly ask if she is okay.

Rakhi tells that she is okay and she isn’t wrong about Preeta. Kareena tells that it can’t be Preeta. Rakhi tells that it is true and this miracle has taken place, if Preeta comes back home, then their home will be filled with happiness again. She tells that Rudra will be alive too if Preeta is alive. She asks them to think of Karan, who misses Preeta a lot. She wants love to return to Preeta’s life. She tells that Shaurya will get his mother. Nidhi asks the elders what are they talking about.

She asks them to stop wasting time in useless discussions and gossip. She tells that she isn’t treating them like servants, it’s their house and their responsibilities too. She asks them to get to work. She rebukes Rakhi and makes her cry. Bani tells that Rakhi is hurt. Nidhi tells that Rakhi is hurt and now Karan will question her/Nidhi. She tells that Rakhi wants Karan to blame her for everything. She asks Bani and Kareena to go and find some work to keep themselves busy.

She gets rude toward Rakhi. She thinks Preeta can’t be alive, else she would have come home by now. She doesn’t believe Rakhi. She tells that Rakhi is just fooling her. She wants to rule over the house. Palki’s family welcomes Ketan and his family. Mahi asks Ketan to keep some patience and then he will get to see Palki. Ketan gets shy. Preeta sees Rajveer worried. Jasbeer tells that Ketan wants his wife Palki to cook for him. Rajveer tries to hide his feelings and walks out of the house.