Kumkum Bhagya 27th May 2023 Written Update Prachi to die

Kumkum Bhagya 27th May 2023 Written Update Prachi to die

Kumkum Bhagya 27th May 2023 Written Update Prachi to die. Balbeer puts Prachi into the water tank and aims to kill her. He thinks nobody will find her there and she will soon die. Ranbir finds Balbeer in the house. He thrashes Balbeer. He asks him about Prachi. Balbeer refuses to tell him anything about Prachi. Ranbir is trying to know about Prachi. He asks Balbeer to tell him about Prachi if he wants his life. Sahana, Dadi, Dida and Pallavi also slap Balbeer and ask him about Prachi. Balbeer asks Ranbir to find Prachi on his own or beg for her life. Ranbir refuses. Balbeer asks him to keep his ego and beg him, or else Prachi will go very far from him. Keep reading for a full written update on Kumkum Bhagya 27th May 2023.

He asks Ranbir to fold his hands and apologize. Ranbir apologizes to him and asks him to tell him about Prachi. Balbeer is relieved by his apology. He tells that he can’t tell him anything. He adds that Prachi’s life is in danger and Ranbir has to find her himself if he can. He jumps out of the window and flees. Ranbir worries for Prachi. He tells Pallavi that he has searched the entire house and Prachi isn’t there. He wishes he finds Prachi in time.


Saavi Ki Savaari:

Sonam receives shocking news at Raksham’s birthday party. She proves to Nityam that she can handle everything on her own. She throws a big party for Raksham. She gets disappointed when she learns that Raksham is adopted. She feels shattered that Raksham isn’t a Dalmia family member. She first thought its someone’s prank and later realizes it was the truth. Nityam and Saavi get into a romantic moment. Nityam is gradually falling for Saavi. He is mesmerized by her beauty. Sonam blames Saavi for her ill fate. She tells that Saavi can never see her happy. She adds that her happiness is short-lived with Raksham’s secret coming out.

Kumkum Bhagya 27th May 2023 Written Update Prachi to die:

Meera tells the kids that they all will go to the surprise party at the orphanage and enjoy. Khushi refuses to go. Meera tells that Prachi and Ranbir are planning the surprise for Khushi. Khushi agrees to go for their sake. Meera asks the kids to form a line and go out. Pallavi asks Meera where is she taking the kids. Meera tells that Prachi is missing. Pallavi is shocked to know this. Meera tells that the kids aren’t safe in the house, and Ranbir asked her to take the kids with her. She asks Pallavi to be careful. The guards talk about the water tank. Balbeer hears them and gets an idea.

He thinks to kill Prachi by running the water tap and filling the water tank to the fullest. He damages the valve. He thinks Prachi will not get saved now. The water fills inside the tank. Prachi gets conscious. The guards wonder who was that man, maybe he was a thief and he disappeared. They decide to hide the truth from Prachi. They hide the carton before Ranbir and his family comes there to find Prachi. Sahana asks the guards about Prachi. Pallavi asks them if they have seen anything weird or any stranger.

Balbeer sees them and hides behind the wall. Prachi thinks about how did she come inside the water tank. She shouts for help. She asks if anyone is there. She shouts to Ranbir. Ranbir thinks like he heard Prachi’s call. The guards don’t reveal anything to save their jobs. Prachi hits on the wall of the water tank. She asks someone to help her. The guards lie to the family. Balbeer thinks the family got to know Prachi is missing. He decides to hide inside the house until the family gets calm.

Balbeer thinks about where to hide so that nobody sees him. He rushes to the kitchen and is sure that nobody will come there. He runs to save his life. Pallavi asks the guards to call other guards and ask everyone about Prachi. Dadi tells that they shall go inside and check the house once again. Pallavi wonders where can Prachi go. Dadi wishes Prachi stays fine.

The guards tell about Balbeer. Ranbir tells that Balbeer might be inside the house. He runs inside the house to find Balbeer. Pallavi and Dida worry for Prachi and go back inside the house to find her. Prachi tells that she has to stop the water flow, else she will die. She shouts for help, but her voice doesn’t reach outside. She asks someone to stop the water from filling. Ranbir looks for Balbeer in the kitchen. He tells Sahana that someone is hiding around. She asks him not to scare her. He asks her to shut up for some time. He sees Balbeer and runs after him. She tells that that person is the magician’s assistant. Ranbir tells that its someone else.

He asks Sahana to listen to him, they are clueless about the attacker, but they have to find him if they want to save Prachi. Sahana agrees. Prachi tells that she doesn’t want to die in this way, she wants to hear Maa from Khushi and hug her. She wishes that she gets saved. She hopes Ranbir comes to save her. Balbeer still hides from Ranbir. Ranbir and Sahana check the room. Balbeer runs outside. Ranbir catches hold of him. He asks who is he and why did he attack Prachi. He tells Sahana that the person is in disguise. He pulls Balbeer’s fake beard. Prachi is still trapped in the water tank. Ranbir is stunned to see Balbeer. He asks him what is he doing here. Sahana asks is he the one who kidnapped Khushi for money.

Ranbir says yes. Sahana slaps Balbeer. Ranbir bashes Balbeer and asks about Prachi. Prachi gets sinking. Balbeer tells that he can’t tell them about Prachi right now, but he will reveal it after half an hour, when she gets close to death. He laughs and tells that Ranbir will find Prachi dead very soon. Ranbir asks how dare he say that. He bashes Balbeer further. The family members reach the same room, and find Ranbir bashing Balbeer. Sahana tells them about Balbeer, who kidnapped Khushi. They wonder how did he come here. They are also angry on Balbeer, and ask Ranbir to beat him a lot. They also slap Balbeer. Balbeer is sure that they will not kill him, because only he knows about Prachi.

He asks them to beg him if they want to know about Prachi. They ask Balbeer about Prachi. Balbeer asks Ranbir to plead. Ranbir gets raging. Balbeer tells that Prachi is going away from him with time. He tells that Ranbir can find about Prachi, only if he begs him. He adds that he wants Prachi to die. He tells how Prachi ruined his life by sending him to jail. Ranbir is sure that Prachi is in big danger. He apologizes to Balbeer and begs him to tell about Prachi. Balbeer tells that he is glad to hear his apology, but his anger is still the same. He doesn’t want to tell about Prachi. He runs away from there. Ranbir follows him. Prachi sinks in the water. Ranbir reaches the terrace. He finds the water tap damaged. He gets clued about Prachi.

Ahead in the show, Balbeer tells Ranbir that Prachi has gone to heaven. He laughs and reveals that Prachi is inside the water tank. Ranbir runs to save Prachi. Balbeer hinders him and stabs Ranbir. The family worries for Ranbir.

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