1 most awaited twist in Anupama delights the fans

1 most awaited twist in Anupama delights the fans

1 most awaited twist in Anupama delights the fans. Anuj takes Anupama with him to complete their incomplete conversation. Anupama observes Anuj’s caring gesture and realizes that he is still the same. Anuj and Anupama reach a temple. Anuj holds her hands and confesses that he can quit on his life, but not on his love. The most awaited twist finally arrives when Anuj reveals the truth of the night when Maya blackmailed him and stopped him from going to Anupama. He tells that his feelings for her can never end, and he can never stop loving her. He asks her to stay upset with him if she wants but requests her to not hate him. Anupama tells that she can hate herself but can never hate him. They share an emotional hug. He asks her what would happen now. She tells that time has opened different paths for them, he had to walk on the path chosen for him and she has to walk on the path chosen for her. They decide to split.



Kairi enters Imlie’s house during Mata ki Chowki. The entire family is surprised. Imlie and Dhairya are also puzzled. Imlie doesn’t know that Kairi has come to find her mother. Kairi hides from everyone and roams around in the house. She just wants to look for her mother. There is a big drama in the house. Kairi eats the prasad. The family wonders who has eaten the prasad, and take it as a good omen. Chini is worried that Kairi left the house. Atharv consoles her. Atharv and Chini will soon learn that Kairi has reached Rana’s house. Imlie sees Kairi and gets a huge shock. Atharv asks how dare Imlie snatches his daughter. He tells that Kairi is his daughter and he will go home to bring her back.


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