Bhagya Lakshmi 17th July 2023 Written Update Rishi Bhagya

Bhagya Lakshmi 17th July 2023 Written Update Rishi Bhagya

Bhagya Lakshmi 17th July 2023 Written Update Rishi Bhagya. Ayush tells Shalu that a relationship is made with love, Rishi and Lakshmi have love between them and they are the soul mates. He doesn’t think they will get separated. He tells that Vikrant is disgusting and won’t get a wife like Lakshmi. She tells that if Lakshmi gets married to Vikrant, then she/Shalu will kill him. He asks why would she kill him. Shalu and Bani tell that they are worried for Lakshmi. Ayush asks them not to lose courage. He adds that this is Lakshmi Bhagya and Rishi Bhagya also, nobody can separate them and he won’t let this happen. Rishi gets angry and thinks why isn’t Lakshmi listening to him. He knows he has hurt Lakshmi a lot and behaved badly with her. He feels sorry. He wishes she trusts him once.

He can’t let her life get ruined this way. He wishes Lakshmi believes him and calls off the marriage. He misses her and weeps. He tells that he can’t get away from her. He wants to save her from every problem. Saloni tells Lakshmi that the mehendi colour will get dark, because Vikrant loves her a lot. Vikrant asks the mehendi artist not to write his name on Lakshmi’s hand and just leave some space. Saloni wonders what is he up to. Shalu and Bani find Lakshmi upset and sorrowful. They know she isn’t happy to marry Vikrant. Rano asks them to do some work when the elders sit to dine. She tells that they should do their duty being Lakshmi’s family. Vikrant reaches Rishi and taunts him. Rishi promises to answer Vikrant after exposing the truth.


Vikrant tells that Lakshmi will get away from Rishi forever. He reminds Rishi that Oberois are already ashamed of him. He asks him not to create any drama. He tells that Lakshmi is Rishi’s ex-wife now. He makes Rishi angered by revealing his plans. He tells that he will write his name on Lakshmi’s hand, and Rishi can’t remove the line of his fate. He threatens Rishi. He feels confident that he will write his own fate. Anjana tells Neelam that she doesn’t want Rishi to create any hurdle in the function. Neelam assures that the marriage will happen smoothly. Anjana tells that Lakshmi will be auspicious for them.

Saloni tells Malishka that Vikrant didn’t let them write his name on Lakshmi’s hand. She adds that he is very clever and he would be planning something to anger Rishi. Malishka tells that she will make sure Vikrant stays away from Rishi. Vikrant comes back to Lakshmi. He tells that he will write his name on Lakshmi’s mehendi. Ayush insults Vikrant and asks him to apply the mehendi to his hand as well. He tells that he will give him money and tip also. Saloni asks Ayush not to misbehave. Ayush tells that Lakshmi isn’t in Vikrant’s Bhagya. Vikrant stays calm and writes V on Lakshm’s hand.

He tells Rishi that nobody can separate Lakshmi and him. Rishi tells that names get connected after marriage, and the marriage will never happen. He adds that he will not let Vikrant marry Lakshmi in reality, and Vikrant can just dream about her. Malishka asks him what is he saying. Rishi tells that he won’t let disgusting Vikrant marry Lakshmi. Saloni asks him to stop it. Rishi tells that Lakshmi can never have a wrong person in her Bhagya. He threatens Vikrant in front of everyone. Ayush smiles seeing Rishi’s dare. Saloni asks Malishka and Lakshmi to explain Rishi. Vikrant tells that he won’t let Rishi succeed in his mission.

He is glad that nobody believes Rishi. Vikrant writes Lakshmi’s initial on his hand. He asks Lakshmi to get ready for their marriage. Lakshmi gets upset after Rishi and Vikrant’s clash. Rishi and Ayush plan to expose Vikrant’s truth. Ayush tells that their family is believing Vikrant. Ayush asks him to promise that they will bash up Vikrant when the truth comes out. Vikrant tells Saloni that he has shown the right place to Rishi today. Malishka gets raging. She tells that she is tolerating him just because of Lakshmi. A girl splashes the juice at Vikrant’s mehendi and angers him. Ayush watches the drama.

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