Kundali Bhagya 22nd September 2023 Written Update Preeta nabs Nidhi

Kundali Bhagya 22nd September 2023 Written Update Preeta nabs Nidhi

Kundali Bhagya 22nd September 2023 Written Update Preeta nabs Nidhi. Preeta tells Nidhi that she will take Nidhi outside by dragging her and then she will expose Nidhi’s truth in front of Karan and Rishabh. She says that she will reveal the truth in front of the Luthra family. She threatens Nidhi. Nidhi asks her to leave. She is terrified. Preeta says that she will tell everyone that Nidhi tried to kill her. Karan and Rishabh come there and knock on the door. Karan asks Nidhi to open the door, and Rakhi called her for the puja. He feels strange when Nidhi doesn’t answer him. Preeta hears Karan’s voice. She thinks to open the door and reveal Nidhi’s truth right away. Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 22nd September 2023.

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si:


Mrunal is considering marrying Vaibhav instead of Bobby. As she looks at pictures from the party, she contemplates how she can win over Vaibhav. She is aware that he has achieved great success abroad and has a high salary and car. With her greedy mind, Mrunal sets her sights on Vaibhav. She arranges to meet him for coffee, knowing he seems interested in her as well. Out of curiosity, Vaibhav accepts and praises their chemistry in the photos. They plan their upcoming meeting over the phone. Mrunal thinks to marry him and move to the US for a good lifestyle.

As Vandana steps into the studio, she can’t help but feel a wave of nostalgia wash over her as she holds the microphone and takes in the familiar studio setup. With her headphones on, she begins to sing. However, Kunal quickly interrupts her, scolding her for barging into the recording room so hastily. He hands her a long list of tasks and gives her instructions on how to decorate the workspace.

Kundali Bhagya 22nd September 2023 Written Update Preeta nabs Nidhi:

Preeta takes the aarti from Karan, who gazes at her. Meanwhile, Nidhi searches for Preeta, who has already gone inside. Curious about Preeta’s whereabouts, Karan turns to Rajveer and asks if he knows where she is. Pretending not to know anything, Rajveer wonders why Preeta came to the Luthra house in the first place. To avoid any potential consequences, he decides to send her away before anyone else sees her. As everyone receives Prasad from Rishabh, Nidhi retreats to her room and calls Nilesh. She expresses her frustration that all her problems would have been solved if Nilesh had killed Preeta earlier. Worried that her plans will be ruined, she hopes that Preeta does not come in front of the Luthras.

Upon Preeta’s arrival, she accuses Nidhi of attempting to strangle her in the hospital. She questions Nidhi’s motive for wanting to harm her when they have no unresolved issues. Nidhi denies having any involvement and claims it must be someone else. However, Preeta remains convinced that Nidhi is responsible for the attack. In response, Nidhi mentions the ongoing Krishna Janmashtami celebration and suggests they go home instead of arguing. Unconvinced, Preeta threatens to expose Nidhi and have Karan call the police. She demands an explanation for their supposed enmity.

Nidhi expresses her confusion, stating that she is not grasping anything. She questions Preeta, wondering if Preeta may be losing her mind. Preeta responds by clarifying that she is not a part of Nidhi’s life, so what exactly is Nidhi’s concern? Nidhi insists that it must be a misunderstanding on Preeta’s part. In response, Preeta confidently reveals that she is aware of Nidhi’s involvement in hiring Shambhu to harm her. However, Nidhi denies any knowledge of Shambhu. Rishabh inquires of Karan whom he is looking for.

Karan explains that he sensed Preeta’s presence and needs to locate her. Rishabh then requests him to join him and Nidhi downstairs. Hearing this, Preeta boldly questions Nidhi about her motive for wanting to harm her. As Karan knocks on the door, he urges Nidhi to open it as they have to attend the puja downstairs. Nidhi realizes that her plan may come to an end as Karan will see Preeta. Palki advises Shaurya to stay away from Shanaya, but he questions her reasoning and points out that Shanaya enjoys talking to him. He even asks if she is feeling jealous, and reminds her that she loves Rajveer. Palki gives Shaurya Prasad before walking away, as Rajveer continues his search for Preeta.

Preeta instructs Nidhi to come up with a reason for Karan to leave, while she herself conceals her presence behind the door. Nidhi then proceeds to open the door and inform Karan that she will join him downstairs, before shutting it again and allowing Karan to exit. Afterwards, Preeta advises Nidhi to meet her at the back entrance of the house and departs from there. Meanwhile, Shrishti encounters Shambhu and renders him unconscious. As they make their way through the corridor, Nidhi attempts to attack Preeta with a knife. However, Preeta manages to disarm her and escorts her away from the scene.

Kavya shares with Varun the moment when she felt a deep sense of motherly love, triggered by an interaction with a member of their dance group. She tearfully reveals that she cannot even remember what her own mother looks like. In response, Varun assures her that her mother’s love and blessings are ever-present. Unbeknownst to them, Rajveer overhears their emotional exchange and later approaches Kavya, offering to arrange a meeting with Preeta. This news shocks Kavya.

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