Samar painful departure in Anupama will make you cry

Samar painful departure in Anupama will make you cry

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Samar painful departure in Anupama will make you cry. Anupama 29th September 2023 Written Update. Anupama suggests Paritosh and Pakhi ask Samar to throw a party. Samar agrees to host it. However, Vanraj states that only men are invited. Paritosh adds that the ladies may become emotional about the baby and bore them. Anuj agrees with this idea. Hasmukh comes up with an alternative, saying they can have separate parties. Anuj clarifies that he was just joking and they will have one party together. Anupama states that they will celebrate regardless. The group collectively decides to have the party together, as per Kavya’s decision. Anuj explains that the men will have their own party at a hotel, while the women celebrate at home. Anupama is pleased with this plan and announces she will make everyone’s favorite food for now.

Dimpy helps out in the kitchen and Anupama is delighted with her daughter’s assistance. Pakhi takes a selfie with her brothers, reminiscing about their childhood. She reflects on how they now take longer to resolve fights, as they have grown up. Samar chimes in, acknowledging that even their disagreements have become more intense. Paritosh adds that their conflicts now revolve around bigger things. However, despite this change, Samar notes that their love for each other remains the same. Pakhi suggests adjusting their priorities, and reminds them that while spouses may come and go, siblings are irreplaceable. They all agree to always stick together…Anupama expresses her concern for her children’s well-being in the future.

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Pakhi then playfully asks Samar if he will still pay attention to her once the baby is born. He assures her that she will always be his first child and asks if Paritosh has forgotten about her already. As Pakhi playfully runs away with Paritosh, he snaps a photo of her using a pink filter on his phone. Anupama prepares Samar’s favorite meal, which he praises with delight. As he indulges in the dishes, he expresses his ecstatic state and Anupama reassures him that she wishes for his continuous happiness by warding off any evil. But when Samar accidentally steps on a nail while looking out the window, he jokingly blames it on his immense joy.

Later, Anuj joins Anupama in the kitchen and playfully asks her to say “I love you,” reminding her of her promise. She reciprocates and they work together in harmony. Anupama flirtatiously leans in for a kiss on Anuj’s cheek, but Leela interrupts and instructs her to tie black thread around Samar and Dimpy as a form of protection. In response, Anupama volunteers to do it herself, although Samar insists on doing it himself. As she playfully tickles him while tying the thread, she fondly recalls how he used to react similarly as a child. Realizing he is still restless, she decides to wait until he falls asleep before asking Leela or Dimpy to tie the thread for him. Samar is in a state of joy, lying on the floor and laughing.

After pausing for a moment, he is called by Anupama and others. When he opens his eyes, it surprises everyone. Anupama informs Vanraj that Samar is feeling very happy, a sight she hasn’t seen before. Vanraj reasons that it’s because he has never been a father before. Anupama then offers to serve food. Samar suggests they all go together. However, he starts feeling dizzy and his vision blurs momentarily. But soon he recovers and expresses his gratitude towards his family, considering himself fortunate to have such loving parents and relationships. He further states that his parents are the best in the world and especially praises his mother, calling her a caring mother whom he loves dearly by touching her feet and embracing her in a hug. He also acknowledges her as a friend, partner in crime, even seeing her as more than just a godly figure. Pakhi asks when he became so emotional and Samar explains that it was something he had been reflecting on for some time now.

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