Kundali Bhagya 5th October 2023 Written Update Palki warned

Kundali Bhagya 5th October 2023 Written Update Palki warned

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Kundali Bhagya 5th October 2023 Written Update Palki warned. Shaurya is filled with shame after Rajveer defeats him, causing him to lash out in anger. Nidhi advises him to attack Rajveer’s character for Shaurya to be rid of him, as no one will stand by someone with such a terrible nature. Following this advice, Shaurya uses Prasad to drug Rajveer and Shanaya. However, Palki unknowingly consumes some of the drugged offerings and begins to feel unwell. Eventually, Palki realizes that Shaurya has sinister intentions and goes in search of him. As fate would have it, Shaurya ends up trapped with Shanaya. Nidhi tells Palki that she knows girls like Palki very well. She adds that she has seen Palki’s world.

She adds that Palki wants to make a place in the Luthra house. She asks Palki to stay away from Shaurya. Palki doesn’t answer anything. Shaurya finds himself locked in his room. He sees Shanaya in his room. He wonders how the door got locked and how did Shanaya come to his room. He says that his plan failed. He gets stressed. What will unfold now? Will Palki successfully save Shanaya from becoming a pawn in Shaurya’s scheming? Keep reading for a full written update on Kundali Bhagya 5th October 2023.

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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si:

Mrunal uses emotional manipulation on Vaibhav, causing him to erupt in anger. She is determined to remove Vandana from Vaibhav’s life, while he remains adamant about handling the situation his way. However, Mrunal becomes increasingly agitated and embraces him tightly, pushing for Vaibhav to reveal the truth in front of everyone. Kunal, Hemant, and Anagha witness this closely, but Kunal is confused as to why Hemant and Anagha are ignoring the commotion. Anagha then asks Kunal not to intervene as it is a private family matter.

Kunal is frustrated by Anagha and Hemant’s strange behavior. While Anagha offers her explanation, Kunal becomes increasingly upset by their lack of morals. He decides to uncover the truth and confronts them, but they try to persuade him with flimsy excuses and false reasoning. They also pressure him to stay quiet about the situation. Suddenly, Vandana cries out in pain after applying mehendi to her hands – it turns out that her skin is burning from a reaction to the henna. Kunal takes charge and washes off the mehendi, bringing relief to Vandana but ruining the design. This leads everyone to blame Kunal for spoiling the mehendi.

Kundali Bhagya 5th October 2023 Written Update Palki warned:

Shrishti tells Gurpreet that Nidhi can target Rajveer. She doesn’t want to take the risk. She rushes to the Luthra house. Preeta asks Gurpreet where did Shrishti go. Gurpreet lies to her that Shrishti has gone to the market to buy some stuff. Preeta says that she also had some work. She goes to cook food. She says that she will prepare food and then go to her work. Gurpreet wishes Shrishti would come back in time. Palki recalls Shaurya’s words. She follows him to know his plan. Nidhi sees Palki running after Shaurya. She stops Palki. She asks what is she doing. She lectures Palki about trying to woo Shaurya. She warns her to stay a mile away from Shaurya.

Palki gets upset. She just intended to know what is Shaurya up to. Preeta gets busy cooking. She misses Rajveer. She gets afraid after witnessing a bad omen. She is stressed about Rajveer’s safety. She thinks to go to Luthra’s house and meet him. She calls up Rajveer to know if he is okay. He doesn’t take the call. She is afraid that something wrong might happen with Rajveer. She decides to go. Gurpreet asks her why is she worried. Preeta says that she is feeling tense. Gurpreet asks the matter. Preeta asks her to handle the kitchen until she finishes her work. She rushes out. Gurpreet wonders where did Preeta go. Karan asks Shaurya to come downstairs. He says that he is very excited.

Rishabh says that Shaurya’s affection is too high today. Karan takes the credit. He says that he has befriended Shaurya. Rishabh hugs him. Aarohi says that their bonding, love, and kinship look nice. Nidhi lies to Kavya. She asks about the screen. Bani and Kareena say that Shaurya is going to show them a family clip of the Janmashtami function. Nidhi controls her laughter. She wants to know what Shaurya planned. The VJ doesn’t know why Shaurya wants to expose Rajveer and Shanaya’s romance. He thinks he has the money and he shouldn’t care for anything else. Kareena tells Mahesh that Rakhi is getting the food for them. Bani adds that Rakhi is preparing samosas. Mahesh demands the green chutney as well. Rishabh asks him to control.

Aarohi asks Nidhi about the plan. Nidhi says that she is going to oust Rajveer by exposing his romantic film in front of everyone. She plans to block Preeta’s entry into the house. Shrishti gets stuck in a traffic jam. Preeta is also on the way to Luthra’s house. Shanaya and Rajveer argue about their intoxicated state. He asks her to stay away from Shaurya. She lectures him. Shaurya watches them and thinks their true colors will be exposed soon. She says that she will go and apply the lipstick. Rajveer says that her lipstick is already good. She says that he is a fool who doesn’t know anything. She goes to the washroom. Palki finds Rajveer in the room. He falls asleep on the bed. Her dupatta gets stuck.

Shanaya leaves, and Palki doesn’t see her. Shaurya looks for the remote. He says that he wants to see Rajveer’s Rasleela and show it to the family. Shanaya reaches Shaurya’s room and locks the door. He asks her what is she doing in his room. He tells her that he will drop her in another room. The door gets jammed. She falls asleep on his bed. Shaurya gets stressed. He wants to send Shanaya to Rajveer. He says that his plan will fail. He gets frustrated. Rajveer wakes up and sees Palki. She asks him if is he okay. He smiles seeing her. Shaurya asks Shanaya to get up. He asks why did she lock him in the room. Shanaya wakes up to hear him shout. She holds his hand. He says that they got locked in the room.

She says that they will sit and have a talk. He scolds her. He says that she should have been there with Rajveer. Karan asks everyone to come and watch the film made by Shaurya. Nidhi asks the family to watch the romantic film. Shaurya thinks of calling Sandy. Shaurya finds the remote. Shanaya stops him. Shaurya makes a mistake and presses the remote button. The video footage of both Rajveer and Shaurya’s rooms plays on the screen. Karan asks who has fixed the CCTV camera in the bedrooms. He laughs. Shaurya asks Shanaya to let him go. Shanaya confesses her feelings to Shaurya.

The family watches them. Shaurya thinks if he tells that he hates Shanaya, then she will not help him in his future plans against Rajveer. He thinks of lying to her. He lies that he likes Shanaya. The family is surprised to hear Shaurya’s feelings. Rishabh asks the guy to stop the playback. Rakhi says that they will watch it and know their children’s feelings. She wants to know their relationships and feelings. Rajveer tells his feelings to Palki in a sweet way. He holds Palki and tells her that he likes her a lot. Karan and the family rejoice seeing two love stories blooming. Palki gets happy knowing Rajveer’s feelings. The Luthras love their pairings and applaud happily.

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