Pandya Store 5th November 2023 Written Update Helpless Natasha

Pandya Store 5th November 2023 Written Update Helpless Natasha

Pandya Store 5th November 2023 Written Update Helpless Natasha. Amrish interrupts when Dhawal reprimands Natasha for her crime. Amrish shouts that enough is enough. He looks at Dhawal and says there is no need for him to speak to Natasha about anything. Dhawal states that Amrish has a kind heart and is supporting Natasha. He reminds Amrish of how he prevented her arrest and scolds her for her recent actions. Dhawal expresses concern for Golu’s well-being, recalling how the child was left sitting in the middle of live wires. Amba asks what happened to Golu, causing shock among everyone present. Golu confirms that it did happen, adding that Natasha came to his rescue and was injured from touching the wires.

Amrish doubts if Natasha truly saved Golu or not. Natasha insists that she would never harm a child and asks if they don’t trust her. She pleads with them to have faith in her, explaining how she spent the entire day distressed about Golu’s safety. Hetal intervenes by pulling Natasha away from the group as she cries in frustration, claiming her innocence. Amba counters by demanding proof from Natasha that she truly had nothing to do with Golu’s kidnapping; however, Natasha struggles to provide any evidence due to not being involved. Amrish informs Hetal that he has to attend a meeting and asks her to ensure Golu stays put. He also urges her not to let anything happen to Golu, as it would be devastating for him.


As Amrish departs, he reflects on the plan to trick Natasha, knowing deep down that the kidnapper is still out there. Chiku notices that Esha’s phone is missing and asks Esha if she has regained consciousness because they need to contact her family. However, Esha assures them that there is no need as she doesn’t have anyone. Despite Chiku’s insistence, she reveals that she is an orphan. But Chiku reminds her that being an orphan is not a weakness and that she is strong enough to take care of herself. Just then, the doctor arrives and hands Chiku a prescription for Esha. Grateful for their help, Chiku mentions that he brought Esha here out of humanity and gives the doctor money for her medicines.

Golu inquires Hetal whether Natasha truly kidnapped him. She urges him not to speak of such things. Dolly expresses disbelief that Natasha would kidnap Golu in anger, adding that she cannot fathom all this chaos. Hetal voices her hope for a resolution to the situation. Amba suggests that the ladies may be plotting to remove her from the household, and invites Chabeli to accompany her. Dolly defends Natasha, citing her recent actions of saving Pranali and herself and how much she strives to fulfill everyone’s desires. However, Hetal brings up the fact that Natasha’s phone records show a call from the supposed kidnapper, even though they believe she is being framed.

Despite this possibility, Hetal acknowledges that Natasha has foolish tendencies and may have orchestrated the whole ordeal to humiliate her. Unbeknownst to them, Amba overhears their conversation and revels in her successful plot to sow doubt about Natasha’s character among them. A sly grin spreads across Amba’s face as she savors her victory.


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