Anupama 13th April 2024 Written Update Closure

Anupama 13th April 2024 Written Update Closure

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Anupama 13th April 2024 Written Update Closure. Anupama says that the restaurant is her house and workplace. She can’t see it shut down. Vikram says that Yashdeep didn’t tell them anything about the closure, Yashdeep and Biji are selfish and didn’t think of their job security. Anupama stops him. She says that they can find a job somewhere, but the business has shut down for Yashdeep. She scolds Vikram for not standing by Yashdeep. She consoles the staff, who are worried about survival without a job. She gives them hope. She says that they don’t have to lose courage and fight to unlock their fate. She goes to meet Yashdeep. Biji feels that Yashdeep should take Anuj’s help. Yashdeep says that he didn’t take Anuj’s help, thinking of Anupama’s sorrow.

He wanted to take Anuj’s help because that was the last option for him. He tells Biji that he went to meet Anuj to get his help, but overheard Shruti and Anuj’s conversation, Anuj wanted to save the restaurant, but Shruti opposed his decision. Shruti gets into a fight with Anuj. She says that he can never forget Anupama. She mentions her love for him. She asks him not to force him to go away from his life. Aadhya doesn’t want Shruti to go anywhere. She wants Anupama to leave Anuj’s life. She makes Anuj swear that he will never help Anupama and Yashdeep. Anuj gets helpless. Yashdeep doesn’t want any problems in Anuj’s life.

He stays tense about the situation. Anupama arrives to meet him and motivate him to save the restaurant. She doesn’t want him to quit before fighting the problem. He says that he can’t fight his fate. She says that he has to keep his belief. He says that he has no courage to tell his staff about his failure to save the restaurant and their jobs. She asks if Biji is okay. He replies that Biji suffered a big trauma and collapsed on hearing the news. He apologizes to Anupama that he failed to help. Anupama instils courage in him. She seeks his permission to meet Biji.

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Vanraj plots to separate Dimpy and Titu:

On the other hand, Dimpy meets Titu. She says that Vanraj has agreed to meet him. He finds it fishy that Vanraj is taking Dimpy and Ansh back to India. Vanraj keeps an eye on them. Dimpy asks Titu not to doubt Vanraj. She says that nobody can separate them now. She happily feeds him sweets. Dimpy and Titu spot Pakhi with Arush. Titu tells Dimpy that Arush is a mean person, he has married his friend’s sister and abandoned her after extracting dowry from her family, he fled to the US, traps rich girls, and fakes love for the sake of money. Dimpy says that Pakhi doesn’t deserve any cheating in love. She adds that Pakhi wants to do business with Titu. Titu advises her to save Pakhi and take her to India.

Anupama consoles Biji, who is worried about broken Yashdeep. Biji apologizes to her. Anupama takes care of Biji. She asks her to get well soon to ease Yashdeep’s tension. Biji wishes Anupama to win the cooking contest. Anupama says that they will not accept defeat and keep trying. She tries to calm Biji. Yashdeep watches her. She asks him to come along because his family is waiting for him. He agrees.

Anupama 13th April 2024 Written Update Closure

Dimpy warns Pakhi about Arush:

Dimpy tells Pakhi about Titu’s revelation. She asks Pakhi to think if it’s true and if Arush is an evil man. She advises Pakhi to stay alert of Arush. Pakhi says that she has to move on in her life. She doesn’t want any lecture from Dimpy. Kavya overhears them. She suggests that they talk to Adhik and tell him the matter. She says that they should take Adhik’s help and take Pakhi to India.

Anupama gets Yashdeep to the restaurant:

Yashdeep meets his staff and apologizes to them. He says that he tried to save the restaurant and couldn’t share the bad news with them. Vikram also apologizes to him. Anupama says that they will stay together in good and bad times. Yashdeep clarifies that he wanted to tell them, but even he didn’t know about the big loan. He shocks them by revealing about the restaurant’s auction. He promises them that he will request the new owner to hire them on the job. He wants to support them. He gives them money and asks them to have breakfast.

Shahs learn the bad news:

Hasmukh, Kavya, and others are upset with the bad news. They worry about Anupama, who regards the restaurant as her home. Paritosh wishes Anupama would go away from him. He dislikes her lectures. Kinjal asks him to respect his mother if he wants his daughter to respect him. Dimpy says that Anupama has to focus on the cooking contest too. Leela rushes to meet Anupama. Anupama weeps and sits outside the restaurant. Leela meets her and gives her a diary. She says that she has all the original traditional Gujarati recipes. Anupama thanks her for the help. Leela encourages her to fight. She says that Anupama will learn everything about Gujarati culture when she reads the diary. She calls it a treasure. Anupama values it and embraces Leela.

Anupama 13th April 2024 Written Update Closure

Anupama 13th April 2024 Written Update Episode Synopsis for the Quick Buffs:

1. Anupama considers the restaurant her home and workplace, refusing to see it shut down.
2. Vikram accuses Yashdeep and Biji of selfishness for not informing them about the closure, and worrying about job security.
3. Anupama consoles the staff, giving them hope and encouraging them not to lose courage.
4. Yashdeep reveals he considered seeking Anuj’s help but overheard a conversation between Anuj and Shruti, where Anuj was opposed to saving the restaurant.
5. Anuj promises not to help Anupama and Yashdeep after Aadhya’s insistence.
6. Anupama motivates Yashdeep to fight for the restaurant’s survival, despite his reluctance to accept fate.
7. Dimpy warns Pakhi about Arush’s shady past, advising her to be cautious.
8. Anupama takes care of Biji and consoles her, promising not to give up and encouraging her to get well soon.
9. Yashdeep gathers the staff, apologizes for not informing them earlier, and reveals the restaurant’s auction.
10. Hasmukh, Kavya, and others are upset by the news, worrying about Anupama’s attachment to the restaurant.
11. Paritosh expresses disdain for Anupama’s lectures, while Kinjal reminds him to respect his mother.
12. Leela gives Anupama a diary containing traditional Gujarati recipes, encouraging her to fight and learn about Gujarati culture.

These points highlight the emotional turmoil, interpersonal conflicts, and resilience shown by various characters amidst the restaurant’s closure.

Rating for Today’s episode: 3/5

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