YRKKH 18th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi's lie

YRKKH 18th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi’s lie

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YRKKH 18th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi’s lie. Vidya angrily slaps Ruhi, while Madhav and Manoj stop the former. Vidya wants to question Ruhi. She asks Ruhi why she made Abhira and Armaan’s divorce papers. The family is shocked to know this truth. Ruhi feels Abhira has brainwashed Vidya against her. Vidya wants to know Ruhi’s motives. She doesn’t understand why Ruhi took this step. Manisha suspects Ruhi. Ruhi weeps while facing Vidya’s wrath. Vidya says that Abhira has already lost a lot and the family should stand by her in the tough time. She asks her if she wants to hurt Abhira. Ruhi doesn’t disclose the truth to them. She cries and runs away from there, without answering Vidya.

Armaan finds Ruhi crying and asks the reason. She tells him that Abhira disclosed the divorce papers, and Vidya has angrily slapped her. He consoles her. He says that he will talk to Abhira. Abhira is angry that Ruhi always complains to Armaan about her. He asks her not to get rude towards Ruhi. He rebukes Abhira for dragging the divorce matter. Ruhi gets upset.

YRKKH 18th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi's lie

Armaan doesn’t give a fair chance to Abhira. Vidya asks Ruhi to leave the house because such a big mistake can’t be forgiven. She regrets that they have accepted Abhira after a long time, and Ruhi is hindering Abhira and Armaan’s happiness. She wants Abhira and Armaan to make a new start on Gangaur.

Ruhi lies to the family:

She doesn’t want any problem for them. She asks Ruhi to stay in her Maayka. Ruhi wants to celebrate Gangaur with Armaan. She decides to stay back. Armaan tries to stop Vidya. Vidya doesn’t want to forgive Ruhi. She drags Ruhi to the door, while Kaveri makes a timely entry. Kaveri tells Vidya that she makes the decisions in the house. Vidya tells about Ruhi’s blunder. Kaveri embraces Ruhi, Abhira and Armaan. She says that she is pleased to see them okay. She doesn’t want to punish Ruhi. She asks Ruhi the reason for her move. Ruhi says that she did it for Kaveri’s sake because Abhira causes trouble for the family always. Kaveri asks her if there is any other reason. Ruhi lies to the family. Manisha doubts her.

YRKKH 18th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi's lie

Ruhi accuses Abhira:

Kaveri asks Ruhi to stay back. Vidya says that Ruhi should be sent off. Kaveri defends Ruhi, who was just thinking about the family’s happiness. She forgives Ruhi because her intention wasn’t wrong. She asks Ruhi not to make such a mistake again. Vidya asks her about her trip. Kaveri tells that she had gone to the temple to fulfill her mannat. Ruhi gets mad at Abhira. Abhira says that she didn’t tell Vidya about the divorce papers deliberately.

Ruhi asks her to stop lying. Abhira doesn’t want to defend herself. Ruhi says that she will not leave the house, because she is a permanent bahu. She rebukes Abhira. She doesn’t want to forgive Abhira for the insult. Vidya watches Rohit’s video and weeps. She tells Kaveri that there is always sorrow surrounding the family. She wishes to regain the family’s happiness for a day. She seeks Kaveri’s permission to celebrate Gangaur.

YRKKH 18th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi's lie

Kaveri announces the Gangaur celebrations:

On the other hand, Abhira gets hiccups while crying. Armaan asks her to have some water. She complains to him about Ruhi. He catches her and feeds her the water. He asks what else can he do to make her feel better. They have a moment. Vidya finds Ruhi outside Armaan’s room. She asks Ruhi what is she up to. Ruhi lies that she just came to take Armaan’s help. Vidya asks her to reach out to others for help. She wants Ruhi to stay away from them. The next day, Kaveri and Vidya summon the family and announce the Gangaur festive celebrations. Abhira asks about Gangaur. Kaveri asks her if she doesn’t know it. Kaveri tells Armaan and Abhira to get ready quickly and seek blessings for their relationship.

YRKKH 18th April 2024 Written Update Ruhi's lie

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