Jhanak 9th July 2024 Written Update Jhanak's truth

Jhanak 9th July 2024 Written Update Jhanak’s truth

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Jhanak 9th July 2024 Written Update Jhanak’s truth. As Mrinalini reassures Bablu that she will handle the situation, they leave together. Tanuja then wonders if Jhanak will return to this place. Shubh expresses his concern, to which Tanuja responds by mentioning Anirudh’s compassion towards Jhanak, believing he might help her. However, Dadi interjects and reminds them of his statement about seeking punishment for Jhanak. The inspector threatens Jhanak. Upon arriving at the scene, Mrinalini, Bablu, and Choton argue with the inspector. As a member of Jhanak’s family and the principal of RNT International School, Mrinalini makes it clear that they cannot treat her like a criminal without proper evidence.

Bablu also stands up for Jhanak, insisting that she is innocent and urging the inspector to listen to them. However, the inspector brushes them off, with Choton questioning if he has any proof against Jhanak. Defiantly, Jhanak states that there is no evidence that she has been coerced into confessing using threats. She maintains her innocence in the incident involving Arshi being burned and ultimately killed. The lady intervenes and asks Mrinalini to leave, but she refuses, stating that she will have to contact her friend’s husband, Mr. Vishal Brahmachari if she isn’t given a chance to speak. The Inspector mentions that he has previously spoken to Vishal.

Mrinalini suggests speaking to him again, as he is their senior officer. She then expresses the need to inform him of the false accusation against an innocent girl. Choton points out that they have a legal right to be informed, but the Inspector disagrees. Mrinalini says they may face consequences and urges the lady to call Vishal. The Inspector nonchalantly allows her to say whatever she wants. Mrinalini questions their lack of respect for Vishal and their determination to prove Jhanak guilty, stating that she can prove her innocence instead.

Bablu inquires about the situation, with Choton supporting Mrinalini’s actions. The Inspector challenges her ability to prove Jhanak’s innocence, but she confidently responds in the affirmative. Will Jhanak take the blame for seeing herself losing Anirudh’s trust? Keep reading for a full written update on Jhanak 9th July 2024 Written Update.

Jhanak 9th July 2024 Written Update Jhanak’s truth:

Mrinalini requests a private conversation with the inspector while asking the constable to escort Jhanak to the waiting area. The remaining staff is then asked to leave the room. Mrinalini assures Jhanak not to be afraid, to which she responds that she has done nothing wrong. Jhanak believes that fate will determine her outcome. The lady officer scolds her for creating drama and orders her to leave. Jhanak tells her to speak respectfully before they all exit the room. Mrinalini proceeds to discuss matters with the inspector, who appears taken aback by what he hears. She reveals Shrishti’s crime to him. Tanuja and Bipasha request Shubh to gather information about the case at hand. He reassures them not to worry and claims that he will ensure Jhanak does not return there again.

Jhanak 9th July 2024 Written Update Jhanak's truth

Bipasha tells Shubh that she will contact Bablu for an update. Shubh then suggests that they put the call on speaker. After reaching Bablu, she inquires about Anirudh’s arrival at the police station. However, Bablu responds with uncertainty when she mentions that he actually came home and then headed to the police station. When asked about Jhanak’s situation, Bablu claims to have no knowledge as the interrogation is still ongoing. Bipasha then wonders about the possible consequences for Jhanak and ends the conversation shortly after. Observing the situation, Shubh points out how Bablu sympathizes with Jhanak despite her involvement in the crime. Dadi agrees but reminds him of Jhanak’s actions. Tanuja expresses her concern about Anirudh’s whereabouts and whether Jhanak will return home or not. Shubh reassures her that if she does come back, they have a plan in place to prove her guilty of murder for attacking Arshi.

Jhanak 9th July 2024 Written Update Jhanak's truth

Anirudh arrives at the police station and dismisses Jhanak with arrogance. Afterward, Mrinalini suggests that the cops bring Jhanak back home without disclosing it to anyone. The lady inspector agrees and requests them to keep the matter hidden from Vishal Sir. Mrinalini reassures her and inquires if they can take Jhanak along with them. The inspector refuses, stating that she cannot leave with them. Anirudh approaches them and questions how she got there. Mrinalini clarifies that she had to be present for the proceedings. Anirudh inquires about the progress of the investigation, to which the inspector replies that it is complete. Mrinalini adds that he is on his way home to inform everyone about the case’s progress.

Anirudh insists on a guarantee, stating that if Jhanak turns out to be guilty, she should be punished accordingly. Shocked by this comment, Jhanak remains quiet as Anirudh asserts that Arshi has suffered severe trauma and may never be able to dance again or worse, could have lost her life. In agreement with him, Mrinalini assures that if Jhanak is responsible for Arshi’s condition, she will be punished. She asks the cops to bring Jhanak home. They head for Bose house.

Jhanak 9th July 2024 Written Update Jhanak's truth

Choton sets up a large screen in the hall. Anjana confirms if they have seen the crucial evidence, while Choton reassures them that the police will acquire proof and advises everyone to wait. Mrinalini informs the family that the police team will be arriving soon. Tanuja commends her for standing up against wrongdoing and naming it as such. Mrinalini expresses her gratitude, but Tanuja reminds her of her significant contribution in pressuring the police to gather evidence against Jhanak. However, she is perplexed by why the police are showing them the proof instead of presenting it in court. Shubh agrees with her and adds that it would hold more weight in a legal setting.

Mrinalini explains that their doubts will be cleared when the police arrive since they have solid evidence that is sure to incriminate Jhanak. She doesn’t reveal Jhanak’s innocence to them and wants them to see the proof themselves. Bipasha chimes in and affirms that Jhanak cannot deny or escape punishment now. She also mentions being concerned about Shrishti’s well-being after Arshi was taken to the hospital from the wedding altar due to Jhanak’s actions.

Jhanak 9th July 2024 Written Update Jhanak's truth

Appu inquires Anjana about Jhanak’s arrival. Shubh reprimands Appu for her question. Bablu explains that only Mrinalini and the police are aware of the evidence, and he trusts Jhanak completely. Dadi asks if Mrinalini could be lying, since the police have evidence against her. Dadu intervenes, requesting them to stop arguing. Bablu defends Jhanak’s innocence and asks if he can’t trust her. Dadi insists that his trust should be reconsidered in light of the evidence against her. Mrinalini interjects, asking if they would believe her after seeing her ignite the fire. Bablu vows to stand by Jhanak no matter what, even if it costs him his life. Shubh makes a snide remark towards him, but Bablu remains firm in his trust for Jhanak. Tanuja chimes in, reminding them that they never trusted or loved Jhanak as much as Bablu does, and he will surely feel hurt by their lack of faith in her. Lal brings Vinayak and Shrishti into the conversation at that moment.

Jhanak 9th July 2024 Written Update Jhanak's truth

Bipasha points out that Shrishti is strong enough to not seek validation from anyone. On a similar note, Mrinalini states that the police are yet to arrive. Shrishti then inquires about Jhanak’s presence, to which Mrinalini reveals that she called the police to present evidence against her. This prompts Vinayak to ask if there is proof against Jhanak. In response, Shrishti urges him to trust the police, but he resists, stating his lack of faith in anyone. However, Mrinalini reassures that the police will be arriving with concrete evidence. Meanwhile, Shrishti speculates that it could be CCTV footage. She further expresses her dislike for Jhanak and accuses her of attempting to harm her daughter. Just then, Anirudh joins in and assures everyone that Arshi will recover and their marriage will continue as planned. He emphasizes his unwavering support for Arshi and adds that if Jhanak is guilty, she will be punished accordingly.

Jhanak 9th July 2024 Written Update Jhanak's truth

Shrishti blames Anirudh for the entire situation and choosing Jhanak over Arshi, who has suffered because of it. Mrinalini approaches Choton and requests for him to stop staring at her. This leads to an argument between them. Bipasha inquires about the situation, but Mrinalini dismisses it as humans being unpredictable. Suddenly, they hear a police siren approaching. Anirudh suggests focusing on more important matters now. The police arrive with Jhanak in tow. Ahead in the show, After writing a letter for Anirudh, Jhanak departs from his house. As she reaches Mumbai and takes part in a dance competition, she meets someone familiar. But as fate would have it, Anirudh misses Jhanak deeply.

Jhanak 9th July 2024 Written Update Jhanak's truth

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