Krishna Mohini 10th July 2024 Written Update Aryaman doubts Mohini

Krishna Mohini 10th July 2024 Written Update Aryaman doubts Mohini

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Krishna Mohini 10th July 2024 Written Update Aryaman doubts Mohini. Ketan presents a red saree to Mohini and inquires if it belongs to her, as advised by the resort staff. Shocked, Mohini remembers the events of the previous night and accepts the saree from Ketan. Just then, Krishna arrives and questions Ketan on any new developments. As Mohini attempts to leave, she bumps into Srijila who proceeds to mock her. Ketan informs Krishna that due to a mistake by security, there is no recording from yesterday. He clarifies that he has brought Mohini’s red saree with him. Curious, Krishna requests Mohini to display the saree in question. However, upon turning her around, they find a different red saree in her hand.

Mohini recalls how Srijila had switched the sarees. Krishna asks if Mohini wears sarees regularly, to which she responds that it was gifted to her before heading inside. Srijila reprimands Mohini for leaving the red saree at the resort. Mohini explains that she had thrown it out the window and didn’t anticipate Ketan finding it. In frustration, Srijila scolds Sid for involving Mohini in their plan, stating that she saw Ketan with the red saree and had to quickly switch it with her own to avoid getting caught. She adds that Mohini is causing problems. However, Mohini respectfully defends herself and Sid intervenes, reminding them that they need to work together as a team if they want to succeed in their mission or else they will have to leave the house.

After handing the red saree back to Mohini, Srijila instructs her to burn it before storming off. Trying to calm Mohini down, Sid reassures her that it’s time to move on and execute their next plan. Aryaman reminisces about Krishna.

Krishna Mohini 10th July 2024 Written Update Aryaman doubts Mohini

Krishna Mohini 10th July 2024 Written Update:

Later, Mohini joins him and presents photos from their resort night and pani puri adventure. Curious, he inquires about how she obtained them. She reveals that they were delivered to her via courier and discloses that she has been receiving blackmail threats, causing her to break down in tears. Begging for his help, she admits that the thought of the photos being leaked terrifies her to the point of wanting to end her life. Trying to calm her down, he asks if she has received any calls from the blackmailer.

Shortly after, she walks away with a smirk on her face. Puzzled by who could have taken those pictures, he begins to suspect Mohini’s involvement. Taking action, he reaches out to Manager Gupta and tasks him with finding out who accompanied Mohini to the resort. To assist with his investigation, he also sends Gupta a photo of Mohini as a point of reference. Aryaman eagerly waits for Gupta’s call while Krishna notices his sad demeanor.

Krishna Mohini 10th July 2024 Written Update Aryaman doubts Mohini

She tries to cheer him up, but he ignores her and lays his head on her lap. He asks her if she would forgive him if he ever did something wrong. She reassures him that she trusts him and they can overcome any obstacle together. Aryaman steps out of the room to answer Gupta’s call, who informs him that Mohini and her boyfriend Jacob are staying in the next room after paying extra money. Realizing that it is the room next to his, Aryaman confronts Mohini about her lies regarding when she arrived at the resort. He questions who Jacob is and what game she is playing. Mohini reveals that Jacob is her ex-boyfriend and Aryaman further interrogates why she chose a room near his using someone else’s identity card. Aryaman suspects her intentions. Will he understand Mohini’s plan? Stay tuned.

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