Kartik’s divorce party twist to anger Manish in Yeh Rishta…

Manish rebukes Kartik for divorce party

Devyaani advises Suwarna not to separate Kartik and Naira. She asks Suwarna to become KaiRa’s mom and win by getting their happiness back. She asks Suwarna not to break Kartik’s heart, as his real happiness lies in his relationship with Naira. Suwarna doesn’t like her advice. Devyaani tells her that she won’t repeat advising her again. Ashi gets glad knowing her mom is flying down to Udaipur. She breaks the news to everyone. Ashi likes a guy Karan and gets his name mehendi on her hand, hoping of their marriage. She doesn’t love Kartik, as Suwarna assumes. Kartik’s name gets on Naira’s hand unknowingly. They get into an argument over their breaking relation. Kartik gets angry that she has decided for their divorce all alone. He gets unhappy that she didn’t ask him anything before deciding the divorce.

Naira gets upset seeing Kartik with Ashi. Kirti tells Naira that she wants to celebrate Naira’s life success and dreams. Naira doesn’t want to celebrate anything. Kirti tells Naira that Naksh wants to party with them and celebrate. She convinces Naira for the outing. Kartik and Ashi also party at the pub, where Ashi throws a divorce party for him.

Kartik clears out that its not any break up party. Ashi tells their friends that she has thrown the party to introduce her boyfriend Karan, since she feels its time she should tell about her relationship to her mom, who is visiting Udaipur for Mansi’s marriage. Kartik gets happy knowing Ashi’s love story and congratulates her for the decision of marriage.

Kartik gets wishes for his new start from his friends. He dances with them. Naksh and Kirti get Naira to the same pub. Naira gets to see Kartik celebrating and thinks he is liking the divorce party hosted by Ashi. Naksh and Kirti ask Naira why is she upset. Naira tells them that she wants to leave everything behind and move on towards her life’s new goals, success and career. Naira and Kartik feel the pain of separation. They both misunderstand each other, on hearing their statements said in another meaning. Kartik gets much drunk and dances with some girls in the pub. Naksh and Kirti find him drunk and dancing in an indecent way. Naksh tries to stop Kartik, but the latter doesn’t stop. Naira weeps seeing Kartik. Kartik imagines Naira, while dancing with the girls.

Naira gets too hurt and rushes out of the pub. Some guys get commenting on Naira and trouble her. Naira gets angry on the guys for trying to break her courage. She tells them that she doesn’t need any man in her life to manage her life. Kartik misunderstands Naira again. Naksh finds Naira in trouble and goes to help. Naira tells Naksh that she has given a fitting reply to those guys who were misbehaving with her.

Naksh gets angry over Kartik’s wrong moves. Naira tells Naksh that she will fight her own battles. Kirti takes drunk Kartik home. Kartik assumes that Naira is hurting him again. Manish gets angry on the idea of the divorce party. Ashi feels sorry. Suwarna puts the blame on Naira once again. Manish rebukes her for always dragging Naira in the mess created by others. He scolds Kartik for forgetting his limits. Naitik shoulders Naira in the hour of sorrow. Goenkas get upset with Kartik for the drunken state. Suwarna tells Manish that everyone is aware that Naira is responsible for Kartik’s heartbreak. Manish tells Suwarna that Kartik has got addicted to alcohol, he is socializing with wrong people these days.

He gets disappointed with Kartik’s new addiction. He yells at Suwarna and Kartik. He shames down Kartik in front of all the family members. Dadi worries for Kartik since Suwarna is ruining his future. Manish asks Suwarna not to take Kartik’s side, Naira isn’t the reason for anything. Manish supports Naira and suggests Kartik to at least follow Naira’s conduct. Kartik tells them that Naira persuaded him to quit drinking, but he couldn’t. Manish asks Kartik to sort out his life and free everyone from the tension.

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