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High Five spoilers…Ishq SubhanAllah:
Kabeer gets stressed by work. He tells his mum that he isn’t hungry, he just wants to rest. Zara makes Kabeer’s favorite dishes. She makes him have food and ends their argument. She knows how to convince him and settle the cropping problems in their relation again. Nilofer realizes Miraj is trapping Zara and Kabeer again. Miraj’s plan flopped because of Nilofer. He didn’t wish her to learn his plans. He doesn’t react angrily. He asks her to befriend Zara and win her confidence. He calms down and leaves from Wasim’s garage. They both want to kill Zara.

Mariam Khan – Reporting LIVE:
Mariam gets happy meeting someone, who resembles Aijaz. She doesn’t know that she met Aijaz’s twin brother. Aayat convinces Mariam for the operation, by making Mariam talk to Aijaz’s brother. Aayat asks her uncle to convince Mariam for saving Jibraan’s life. He asks Mariam not to run away from the house. Mariam gets new hopes from him. She hugs him, and thinks he is really his grandpa. Everyone cheats Mariam badly.


Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:
Simmi gives her crime confessions in a written statement and surrenders to police. She has done much crimes, by falling in Parmeet’s words. Parmeet has brainwashed Simmi for ruining her family. Simmi breaks down and asks inspector to arrest her. Raman stops Simmi’s arrest. He tells inspector that Parmeet is after everything, I knew she will get arrested, so I have already sent Ishita to arrange bail for Simmi. Raman asks Simmi to support him in getting Parmeet punished. Simmi wants to defeat Parmeet. Raman saves her from arrest and gets her home. Simmi gets happy and unites with her family in a positive way. Simmi’s change brings happiness in IshRa and everyone.

Piyaa Albela:
Naren goes missing after he went to meet Kiran at the tribal place. He was concerned as Kiran fell sick. Pooja, Satish and Danish try to find Naren everywhere. She breaks down on seeing Naren’s car damaged post an accident. Satish consoles her and asks her to be strong, Naren isn’t in the car, it means he is fine, they should find him. Satish asks Pooja to go home and fool Angraj, since Naren can also come back home. He asks her to manage Angraj. Satish and Danish look for Naren at the accident spot.

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai:
Kartik comes to Siddhant’s house to drop Purva. Gayatri asks what Kartik is doing in her house. Kartik confesses to them that they love each other. Gayatri, Siddhant, and Anushka are shocked. Siddhant loses his cool and beats Kartik. Purva cries and asks Siddhant to leave him. She asks Anushka to stop Siddhant and then pleads in front of Gayatri. Gayatri gets angry on Purva for loving a murderer’s son and slaps her hard. Meanwhile, Sweety ji gets proof against KK and threatens to expose him. He insults him and provokes KK to make his next target. Sweety ji risks his own life in danger. Siddhant gets upset with Purva.

Dil Hi Toh Hai:
Palak tells everyone that they don’t know what is reality and reacting to half-truth. Rohit’s father Puri shows them agreement papers which Manjeet gave him and says it is written that if I get Rohit and Setu’s marriage done then that land will be on my name. Manjeet tells Puri that she didn’t mean that with the agreement and doesn’t want any hurdle to come in Setu’s marriage. Palak asks about the agreement. Rithvik will also learn about the matter.

Roop sings a song for Ishika and tries to please her. He apologizes to her. He tells her that he should have served her well, he deserves a last chance. He accepts his mistake. She makes him repeat his apology. He gifts her flowers. He brings a smile on her face, and gets surprised seeing her happy avatar.

Aditya gets shocked seeing Wasim hugging Dr. Arshad. He recalls their meeting on the road. Before he could understand the happening there, Dr. Arshad greets Aditya and tells that he felt good meeting him again. Zoya asks again, you met him before? Dr. Arshad tells that Aditya is the one who gave him the prize on his face on their first meeting. Aditya gets tensed. Wasim asks Aditya, how dare you to raise a hand on my guest. Aditya learns that Arshad is Wasim’s chosen guy for Zoya’s marriage alliance.


Kunal makes a pizza for Mauli and writes I love you on it. Nandini gets the pizza from Mauli. Mauli tells her that Kunal has made it for just her, just she doesn’t want to have it now. Nandini uncovers the plate and gets a huge shock seeing the pizza. Mauli says Kunal has written this message for me. Kunal insists her to have the pizza. Mauli tells him that now when she has given the pizza to Nandini, they should let Nandini have it. Kunal thinks if this is a sign that his love is meant for Nandini. Mauli’s mom alerts her about Nandini again. Kunal and Nandini have an awkward moment. Nandini ignores Kunal. She is scared to face Kunal. She runs away seeing him. He wants this angst to end, since they are living in the same house. Kunal wants Nandini to stay comfortable.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala:

Sikandar gets dresses for Kulfi. He asks Kulfi to change her boyish avatar and dress like a girl. Kulfi tries some dresses. Sikandar compliments her. Sikandar then explains her about credit cards, by which person can pay money. She makes a cardboard card to pay for the dresses he shopped for her. She tells him that her mum taught her not to borrow anything or take loans from anyone. She wants to return his money. He smiles seeing the handmade card. He gets happy seeing her innocence. He asks her why is she giving him money, he loves her as his daughter, he isn’t a stranger that she is paying him. He acts sad. She hugs him and apologizes.

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