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Quick Reads…Savitri Devi:
Rekha tells Mishri that people whose grahs are bad gets angry much. Mishri asks what to do. Rekha gives something from her purse and asks her to burn it wherever Veer stays. Mishri burns the content of the package in the hospital. Everyone rushes out of hospital due to smoke. Dr. Kabir tries to stop them and asks the guard to check from where the smoke is coming. Veer catches Mishri leaving and understands it was her plan. He scolds her for creating havoc in the hospital.

Nani, Harman, and Soumya visit the market for shopping. Nani hears a man selling ayurvedic tablets to make the man fertile. Nani tells Soumya that she forgot something and asks them to go. She goes to the man and tells him about Harman being childish and asks for a medicine. The man gives him medicine. Harman and Soumya see her buying medicine and get upset.


Piyaa Albela:
Pooja acts as a ghost in front of Angraj. Rahul beats Angraj for cheating on him and accuses him of stealing the treasure kept in the vault. Angraj tells him that he is innocent and haven’t stolen anything. Pooja comes and stands as if she is possessed by Naren’s ghost. Angraj asks Pooja to tell about Naren. Tantrik looks at her and tells that she is fooling them and is not possessed. He tells that there is no soul in the house, Pooja gets tensed. Angraj’s drama is going to end soon. Meanwhile, Hardik plans to take revenge on Vyas family using his illegitimate son Arjun. He makes Arjun believe that he is trapped in rape case wrongly. Pooja senses some unseen danger to the family. Arjun is going to be Rachel’s love interest soon.

Roop wakes up Hardik in midnight and asks him to take him to Ishika’s house to take Ram charan’s 120 Rs. He knocks on Ishika’s room window and asks her to give money. Ishika asks him to take his money and leave. He puts her scarf around her neck. She looks at him surprising. They have an eye lock. Family members come there and create a scene.

Nandini covers the lamp with her hand so that it doesn’t blow with the wind. Kunal comes and keeps his hand covering the lamp. Nandini looks at him tensely. He tells her that he knows that she is very worried and also knows the reason for her problem. He tells that he knows that she can’t speak to anyone about it, not even with Mauli. He asks her to say something. He says it is not right to love with suffocation. He says if I am the reason for your problem, then I will not come in front of you again. Nandini is speechless and fights with her own feelings.


Shivay surprises Anika on her birthday. Omkara helps Gauri in the birthday preparations. They come closer while helping Shivay. Shivay gives the beautiful surprise to Anika, which she never imagined. She asks him if he has done everything for her. He tells her that he wants to keep his promise of giving her happiness. He wishes her for her birthday. She gets glad. He makes her birthday very special and memorable. He gives her a yellow rose and tells her that he wants to become her friend. Anika accepts the rose and his friendship. Gauri, Omkara and Priyanka wish Anika as well. Shivay makes Anika’s aunt apologize to Anika and Gauri. Aunt does this on Shivay’s command. Anika forgives her aunt and hugs her. She shows a big heart.

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai:
Sharad’s mum comes to college and looks for Sameer. Later, Naina gets hiccups seeing Sameer in the restaurant with his family when she goes there to have dinner with Sharad and her family. Sameer comes near them and greets Naina’s family. Naina gets tensed. He asks Naina to drink water to calm her hiccups. He stays concerned for her.

Aapke Aa Jane Se:

Vedika feels she is really unlucky for everyone. She decides to leave the house, as she thinks Sahil can have more problems in life if she stays around. She cries and leaves a letter for Sahil in the temple. Sahil and Bhoomi see Vedika leaving. Sahil gets Vedika’s letter. He reads the letter, while Vedika gets in dilemma. She thinks it will be good if she stays away from Sahil. She realizes that the world will always keep taunting, and this will hurt her, her child and Sahil also.

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