Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Bhallas panic over Ishita’s loss of life

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Stunning meet up of Raman and Yug

In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein, Mrs. Bhalla gets a misconception about Ishita. She really gets thinking that Ishita is harmful for baby Adi, since she has killed Adi as well. She falls in a dilemma over choosing baby Adi or Ishita. She gives up to her fears and chooses the baby. She gets ready to add the medicine in Ishita’s milk drink so that Ishita’s shadow doesn’t harm the baby again. Simmi turns happy when she finds her mum committing the crime of killing Ishita. She wishes this happens soon and Ishita’s chapter ends soon. Raman and Ishita ask Mrs. Bhalla how come she has come at this hour of night. Mrs. Bhalla shows her fake concern for Ishita, and gets haldi milk for her, in which she has added the medicine. She poisons Ishita by believing the fake tantric, employed by Parmeet.

Ishita thanks her for her care and drinks the milk. Simmi informs Parmeet that Mrs. Bhalla has done their work, Ishita got poisoned by her motherly figure. Mrs. Bhalla cries for poisoning Ishita. She has taken the extreme step just to save the baby. Parmeet tells Simmi that Mrs. Bhalla has done this for the baby’s sake. He confirms the matter by asking Mrs. Bhalla the reason for her tears. Mrs. Bhalla doesn’t break the truth to them.

Parmeet gets happy that Ishita is soon going to heaven. Mrs. Bhalla isolates herself and feels guilty. When everyone asks about her, she returns to normal self. She gets tensed knowing Ishita didn’t wake up in the morning. Mrs. Bhalla wonders if the medicine will harm Ishita.

She wishes that Ishita stays fine and just her bad influence ends. Parmeet waits for the moment when everyone gets the news of Ishita’s death. Raman tells them that Ishita is fine, she is sleeping as she might be tired. Everyone gets busy in their daily tasks. Parmeet and Simmi try to be normal and await the news. Ruhi and Raman try to wake up Ishita, and get a big shock when she doesn’t get conscious.

Mrs. Bhalla feels dying of guilt that she has killed Ishita. The family worries for Ishita and asks her to come back to life. Entire family breaks down thinking Ishita has left them. Simmi cries and feels guilty that Parmeet has employed Mrs. Bhalla for the crime, who may confess the crime and land in jail. Parmeet asks Simmi not to care for her family. He reminds that they took revenge for Ananya’s death and punished Ishita. He asks Simmi to shed fake tears for Ishita. Simmi feels bad seeing the family crying and losing hopes. Raman doesn’t leave any hope. He asks them not to think that Ishita died. Mrs. Bhalla stops Raman and confesses that she has killed Ishita. Raman loses his senses when she accepts that she has poisoned Ishita to save baby Adi. Raman finds out Parmeet’s crime.

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