Saanchi to propose Dhruv for marriage in Sony TV's romantic Show JEE LE ZARA


The hero of the show Dhruv sits on the marriage altar and waits for his beloved would be bride Saanchi to come for their marriage but Saanchi has her own inhibitions from staying away from the marriage. Dhruv’s mom Neena comes and asks Saanchi to marry her son Dhruv. Saanchi readily agrees and gets ready for the marriage. By the time they came to the marriage altar, all the guest and pandit have left the venue. Dhruv who was sitting patiently, loses his cool and gets up from the altar. Saanchi is told by her brother Addu that Dhruv left after waiting for her so long. Saanchi goes to Dhruv and proposes him for marriage. She goes on a extra length to agree him and bends down on her knees while proposing him romantically. Dhruv is obviously enjoying it. Stay tuned to witness the most romantic wedding of the year in Jee le Zara. Keep reading this space for more updates on this show.



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