Draupadi married to the Pandavas in Mahabharat


Draupadi refused to married the Sudh Putra Karan. Arjun passed the test of hitting the fish’s eye by seeing the fish in water. Arjun marries her not telling her his true identity. He becomes a Brahman to marry her. He is charmed by her beauty and lovely smile. Draupadi is happy to get married to Arjun. Soon after she comes with Arjun to his home, she comes to know about Arjun’s secret. She is glad that he is world’s best archer. Arjun’s mum when sees Arjun coming home, asks him to share everything he brought with him with his brothers, not knowing he brought his wife. Later, Draupadi is shocked to know that Arjun’s mum has divided her among her sons just assuming her to be some thing. Arjun’s mum did not know what her words would do. Draupadi is unable to divide herself among her five husbands. She thinks how can she divide her love and respect for them. What will Draupadi do? This is fifth Adhyaay in Mahabharat. Keep watching the great epic show Mahabharat.



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