Saras-Kumud Married At Last After Many Hurdles in Saraswatichandra



Saras-Kumud’s relationship reached eternity by tying the knot after crossing many hurdles in their way.

Kalika tries her best to spoil the wedding by informing the police that Kumud did not get divorce from her ex-husband.

Kumud’s ex-mother-in-law enters the scene and handles the situation and solves the tension and rift among everyone.

She is very happy to see Saras-Kumud getting into an eternal bond. The surprise comes in as Saras’ father present in the wedding to bless the couple.

Now that they have united together, will there be a new twist awaiting to ruin their life as Monica Bedi who plays Gumaan, Saras’ step mother. Stay tuned to know what happens next.



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