Koffee with Karan 15th December 2013: Aamir Khan and Kiran Rao


Karan welcomes the quintessential game changer Aamir Khan on the show. Today Aamir is considered the stamp of success who created a Dhoom at the box office.



Karan: Are you stressed about Dhoom?
Aamir: Don’t remind me.
Karan: So we should not talk about Dhoom?
Aamir: Please don’t.
Karan: Why is it taking me so long to get you on this couch?
Aamir: I was uncomfortable before, but when I came to know about you, I like you, I heard a lot about you, so I am here.
Karan: I believe you are a game changer, some of your choices changed the Indian Cimena.

Aamir: Well, I had not intentions of changing the game. I knew Lagaan was an unusual film, I loved its script. I do a film because I love it. I follow my heart, I am not scared of failure. I don’t want to be think about the consequences.
Karan: You are not easily accessible. Is this really you?
Aamir: It is 13 years since I have done a live show. I follow what makes me happy. Dancing makes me uncomfortable.


Karan: Salman says you are the biggest star in the country.
Aamir: He is, not me. Salman is generous, kind and loving. Salman has star power, when he shakes his belt, everybody goes bananas. He is a generous guy.
Karan: You tried to patch up with Shahrukh.
Aamir: I did, I don’t like fights, life is short. I believe in forgiveness, I am not saying I am perfect, I am still working on it.

Karan: You married again, there has been two different stages in your life. Lets find out with Aamir’s life partner, a film maker Kiran Rao.
Kiran enters the show. Karan says meet your husband. Kiran says give me easy questions. Karan says is it easy to live with Aamir. Kiran says no, its difficult to live with a person who has a huge life around him.

Karan: When he married you, it was a tough time. ‘
Aamir: I never lived with anyone before, it was a complete change for me. It was difficult. Aamir was going through terrible time in his life. He was very fragile.
Karan: What about your fears of marrying to a movie star?
Kiran: I did not have those fears.
Aamir: I have a fear that I would lose her, I am always thinking is she still attracted to me, does she still love me…
Kiran: I would think who I am somewhere in this huge glamour world. I am kind of different.
Karan: You are really different.

Karan: Do you read the papers Aamir, the tabloids?
Aamir: I am usually the last person to get to know the news.
Aamir: Is Ranbir dating Katrina?
Karan: That’s the most overacting you did.
Karan: Ranbir is dating Deepika.
Aamir: Is he?
Kiran: Aamir was in Deepika’s room with 20 people. (Karan laughs!!)
Aamir: I feel happy when I see Ranbir’s work in Barfi.
Karan: How does Aamir feel with female attention?
Aamir: I love it.
Karan: Have you been hit on?
Aamir: Many times.

Karan: Lets see a video now. Imran talks about Aamir and his moments with him. He says Aamir is not a serious guy, he is hilarious, he is the life of a party, no actually he is not. Last year, Anushka called me. We were there and they were silent awkward moments. Anuskha started talking. Aamir joked with her and Anushka burst out laughing.
Aamir: Kiran has changed me, she has brightened the way I am. Her energy is infectious.
Karan: You, Salman and Shahrukh are born in the same year. It is strange. What is your vibe with Shahrukh.
Aamir: I think there is a genuine regard and respect for each other’s work and space.


Karan starts the rapid fire round with Kiran…
Karan: Three things about Aamir that no one knows?
Kiran: He has a eating disorder, he does avoid a bath, he does not wash his face. He has a really great sense of humor.
Karan: Hottest actor in Bollywood?
Kiran: Ranbir Kapoor.
Karan: A filmmaker who you consider to be the future of Bollywood.
Kiran: Arun Gandhi.

Karan: Fight for the hamper Aamir. The serious rumour you heard about yourself.
Aamir: That I got married to Preity Zinta.
Karan: Salman said you remind him of tiger, what does he remind you of.
Aamir: A Lion.
Karan: The sexiest actress of India today?
Aamir: Kangana Ranaut.
Karan: Rate yourself as a father, husband, actor and a director.
Aamir: Five on ten, mid level.
Karan: In bed?
Aamir: That you ask her, why are you asking me.
Karan: Let’s move on.
Aamir: In bed also, five on ten.
Kiran: More than five.
Karan: So basically you are an average person.
Karan: An idea that changed your life.
Aamir: My children.

Karan: That’s all the rapid fire round. The winner is Kiran. Aamir says I am happy I lost but I want to win the quiz round. The quiz about Bollywood’s trivia starts. Aamir wins the quiz. Madhuri, Sonali Bendre, Anushka, Kajol and Juhi speak about Aamir. The episode ends with Aamir and Kiran signing the coffee mugs.




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