Drashti Dhami playing Madhubala Junior in Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon


Harshvardhan has placed the bombs on RK’s mansion and killed RK and Madhubala. Their story ended sadly but what was left out was their daughter Madhubala. Radha, RK’s mum did the baby Madhubala’s upbringing. Radha took a promise from Madhu that she will always stay away from films and stardom. Madhu dons backstage in her college where the screen burns and everyone get to see her dance. Her photo comes in the newspaper and Radha on seeing it is heartbroken that Madhu has not kept her promise.

Later on, Madhu comes to know that Radha is suffering from TB. She asks the doctor about the cost of the treatment. He says Rs. 2 lakhs. Madhu gets Bittu’s address and thinks of going to Mumbai to earn a living and also to save Radha from the deadly disease. Will the fate bring Madhubala to Mumbai and make her become a star like her parents? How will Radha stop Madhu and keep her safe away from Harshvardhan’s clan? Keep reading.



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