Koffee with Karan 9th February 2014: Anushka Sharma and Anurag Kashyap


Karan welcomes the spontaneous, extremely talented and superb actress Anushka Sharma. Anuskha walks in and hugs Karan. Karan says you are back on the couch Anushka. Anushka says ya right I am, I will be very sensible this time. Karan says lets talk some fun stuff.



Karan says a friend of yours recently claimed she is a friend of Deepika Padukone. Anushka says that was very funny. I don’t think Deepika is a friend, but we don’t talk ill about one another.

Karan: Now you are doing Zoya Akhtar’s film with Ranbir.
Anushka: Ya, we did two films back to back so people must have thought we were together.
Karan: Are you single and ready to mingle? Are you dating a cricketer? Virat Kohli?
Anushka: I am single. But not dating him.
Karan: You look smashing in that ad with him. The country will be happy if you date him.
Anushka: Are you match fixing?
Karan: Yes, I m match fixing between you and Virat.

Karan welcomes the film maker of the movie Bombay, Anurag Kashyap next on the show. He is the brand ambassador of alternate cinema. Anurag greets Anushka and Karan.

Karan: Anurag, this is your debut on this show. Why do you think our show was a mutual masturbation society.
Anurag: See the moment I entered, you said come. (Anushka laughs!!)
Anushka: Lots of virginity on this show.
Karan: I am a recycled virgin.
Karan: Do you think I call only my friends and praise them on my show, see I called Anushka too.
Anushka smirks.
Karan: He wrote awful articles about me, why you hated me Anurag.
Anurag: Because you took all awards from me. I saw one episode of this show and I saw you and your friends phrasing and praising each other.

Karan: Do you think there is any looking back or is it done?
Anurag: No, I am not done yet.
Karan: Do you think Anushka has a love life right now?
Anurag: She is full of love.
Anushka: If something is that serious in my life, then I would talk about it.
Karan: You and Katrina are the most talked about on our show. Are you friends with Arjun?
Anushka: I really like him, he is a great guy. I am from army background, I gel well with boys. I have comfort level with them. I can even watch a film with them sitting on the bed.
Karan: Sometimes the boys can get laid on.
Anushka: No, they can’t think so.
Karan: Anurag, there was so much about you and Huma Qureshi.
Anurag: People tend to believe it, she is just a good friend of mine.

Anushka: Some people will think why did Anurag and I have come together on this show.
Karan: All the newcomers would like to work with you, everyone are linked with you.
Anushka: I don’t react to rumours.
Karan: Why should you bother about the boys, when you have the team, India’s glory is in your hands Anushka. I think you would be making a great pair with Virat.
Anuskha: Its nothing like that.
Karan: Anurag is totally protecting you today.
Anushka: I am feeling naked today.
Karan: Come on, paint it yellow.

Karan: Maybe Anurag, I should propose to you. Are you getting nervous? We can go on a double date, Virat, Anushka, you and me.
Anushka goes towards the coffee.
Karan: It’s a great plan for double date, where should we go, CCI?
Anurag: I will get the camera, that’s the location I am not getting the permission of.
Karan: How can that be, you are with the first lady of cricket.
Karan: Who is your favorite cricketer Anushka?
Anushka: Virat Kohli.


The rapid fire round starts with Anushka.
Karan: An idea that changed your life?
Anuskha: Keep going.
Karan: What do you have that none of your competitors have?
Anushka: Perspective.
Karan: If you were to lose your memory, who would it be you wish to happily forget?
Anushka: I keep erasing people I don’t want to remember.
Karan: What would you do if you were stuck in a lift with Deepika and Ranveer?
Anushka: I will watch Ram Leela live.
Karan: How would you react if you woke up next to Kamaal R Khan?
Anushka: It is so disturbing, I will just ask him who are you Bhai.
Karan: Band Baaja Baaraat or Jab Tak Hai Jaan?
Anushka: Band Baaja Baaraat.
Karan: Well done Anushka, some level of diplomacy was there.

Karan then turns to Anurag for the rapid fire round.
Karan: Complete the sentence: Ram Gopal Verma is………..
Anurag: Ram Gopal Verma was, not is.
Karan: Censor board of India:
Anurag: A puppet.
Karan: Award ceremonies?
Anurag: False.
Karan: Which director’s license should be revoked?
Anurag: Raju Hirani and Dibakar Banerjee, I am jealous of them. They create an envy in me.
Karan: The silliest pick up line ever used on you?
Anurag: One girl walked up to me and said you have such understanding of women, I saw Metro so many times. I always wanted to meet you and work in your films.
Karan: If you woke up as Salman Khan?
Anurag: I would lose my virginity.
Karan: As Deepika Padukone?
Anurag: I would check on myself.
Karan: Please see Darsheel is doing on Calculations. (Looking at Anushka!!)

The rapid fire ends. Karan says well done Anurag, you made a good debut. Anushka says this is his debut, give him the hamper. Karan declares the winner. Anurag Kashyap is the winner of the rapid fire round. Anurag says I am curious to know what’s inside. Karan plays a coffee quiz with them. It is about Bollywood knowledge. Karan starts the quiz. Anushka wins the coffee quiz prize. Karan says congratulations, it was great fun having both of you. Make sure I win the debut award. He asks them to sign the coffee mugs as the shows goes towards the end.



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