Jodha-Akbar to Romance as an Ordinary Marwari Couple in Zee TV's Jodha Akbar


Jodha is on the death bed after consuming a full glass of poison to save Akbar’s life. Akbar’s love for her is holding her soul in her body.

Jalal prays to Almighty Allah and Krishnaji for Jodha’s life. Jodha not only survives poison but also is seen romancing Jalal.


Jodha requests her love to look at his kingdom’s people and their problems by mingling as one among them and insists to go along with him.

Hence, Jodha-Akbar disguise as ordinary Marwari couple and go around their kingdom and meet their people. Their love for each other reach the peak as an ordinary couple. Stay plugged in to know what happens next.


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