Koffee with Karan 1st December 2013: Salman Khan and Salim Khan


Koffee with Karan Season 4 starts with a bang with the most loved superstar Salman Khan. Salman enters the show saying Karan, your flush does not work. Karan asks what took you so much time to come on my show. Salman says I am kind of uncomfortable with the type of personal questions you ask.

Karan: What are you scared of that I will ask you?
Salman: Marriage and girlfriends, breakups.
Karan: That marriage angers you right.
Salman: When the right time comes, I will get married. I hope I am not wrong about it.
Karan: Do you want to get married?
Salman: I always come so close to marriage, but it never happens.
Karan: But once you were very close?
Salman: Yes, Sangeeta, the cards were also printed.
Karan: Then it not happened, why? Did she catch you?
Salman: Ya kind of.
Karan: Do you get caught often?
Salman: I don’t, I deny the whole thing, I lie these days. I am not the most correct person to be with. I never had a girlfriend in my entire life. I will save myself for my wife.


Karan: Are you saying you are a virgin?
Salman: I will get married and then will be the Suhaagraat. I had friends and did not ever…..
Karan: Did you not have pre-marital sex?
Salman: No, our culture is such.
Karan: Basically, you are declaring that you are a virgin, that you never had sex with a woman.
Salman: That’s what I am saying. People will be using this.


Karan: How does you manage to handle exes when you bump into them?
Salman: Some I ignore totally, I try to run away. I don’t want that thought of ex-boyfriend to come in their mind. I stay miles away.
Karan: Are you okay with your exes current boyfriend?
Salman: Yes, yes. Sometimes, I thank them.
Karan: Why for putting the girl out of your life?
Salman: No, for taking good care of them.
Karan: Do you like anyone in the industry, who do you find beautiful?
Salman: I like Deepika Padukone, she is working hard, she is dedicated and giving her best. Also, Sonakshi is very talented and beautiful. Aaliya Bhatt, the little baby, is also good.
Karan: You don’t want anyone beside you?
Salman: I sleep alone. How do you sleep?
Karan: I sleep with the pillow.

Karan: I visualize you, a virgin man sleeping alone in bed.
Karan: Are you worried and scared of your movies not working?
Salman: I m bloody worried about my films and myself these days. Today, I get scared of what people might think. Drinking, smoking and party went out of the window. The fear is of these things coming back. There is a phase of responsibility coming on. I am trying to keep the old Salman in me, that he never comes out, even though I like that guy, this guy is very boring, I get fed up of myself.
Karan: How would you rank yourself as an actor?
Salman: Everybody are hard working, I think I m a below average actor, I think Shahrukh is good in romantic scenes and Aamir, in his sincerity. Akshay Kumar is the only actor who has grown as an actor, his comic timing is at different level. Ranbir is damn good. Arjun, Imran, I think all these guys are superb.
If I go to some place where nobody knows me, no one will turn to see me.


Karan: What happened between you and Shahrukh, you made a gesture at Eid?
Salman: I saw him there and greeted him.
Karan: It was touted as a big war.
Salman: He had hurt me on something, he would have come and ended the talk, but he did not. I don’t know how it got out so fast. Then he came on your show and spoke about me. He passes by my home four to five times up and down, he would have come to my home but he did not.
Karan: Recently Katrina and Ranbir’s photo was leaked when she was away on holiday. You went on record and said it was true.
Salman: You should slap that fan if he takes your photo. The fan should ask for a photo first and then click.

Karan when asks Salman about Priyanka Chopra, Salman says I love Priyanka Chopra, she is a very dear friend of mine, she is phenomenal.

Karan starts the rocking rapid fire round with Salman.

Karan: Three things no one knows about you.
Salman: I m a great guy, great guy, great guy.
Karan: That you are good in bed. I just caught you blushing.
Karan: React in one word to: Marriage.
Salman: I want to get rewarded.
Karan: On screen kissing.
Salman: No fun.
Karan: If you woke up as Shahrukh?
Salman: I will wonder who went on Karan’s show today, is it Salman, why he? (Salman speaks in Shahrukh’s style!!)

Karan: Katrina Kaif?
Salman: Where’s Ranbir!!
Karan: What should the following do if not in industry? Hrithik Roshan, Priyanka Chopra.
Salman: Dancer, a good housewife.
Karan: A piece of advice you wish you got 10 years ago.
Salman: I got it 25 years ago, Kailash Surender Nath said Salman, stop wasting your time with your father’s money. Then I never partied.
Karan: At gun point, if you had to have a game counter with, who it will be.
Salman: Aisi koi koi gun bani hi nahi hai Karan. (There is no such gun made!) Else, you Karan.
Karan: The first actor’s name you think of when I tell the animal names. Tiger?
Salman: Aamir.
Karan: Puppy?
Salman: Ranbir.
Karan: Shark?
Salman: Shahrukh.

Karan: Prem or Chulbul Pandey? Your fav character.
Salman: Prem.
Karan: The best pick up line used on line.
Salman: Chaliye na bohot late hogaye, khana khalijiye. (Come, lets go and have food)
Karan: Or eat food and then come.
Salman: Karan needs a holiday.

Karan gives the hamper to Salman and asks him to give an acceptance speech. Salman says I am happy to receive this. Karan tells him about one special guest Salim Khan (Salman’s father).


Salim enters the show and hugs Salman and Karan.
Salim: Salman always had the projection. Now he has realized that he has to take his job very seriously, otherwise people will move forward and he will be left behind.
Salman: I realized that it came to me so easy that it can all go back easily.
Karan talks to Salim Khan about Helen and their family. The episode ends on Salman’s warm smile signing the coffee mug with his dad.




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