Will Paro reveal the truth to Rudra in Rangrasiya



Paro, the gorgeous girl with a frightened smile, is brought by Rudra to his house. Rudra wants to get the truth out from her. He aims to keep her infront of his eyes so that she can’t try to run. Rudra tells everyone in his family that he will soon marry Paro and she is special to him. He thinks this will be a punishment for Paro and will make her speak up and he would get to hear what he wants. Paro is adamant and knows how to survive in Rudra’s house.


She gels with his family well. Cooking for them, working in the kitchen, serving Rudra as if she is really getting married to him. She knows it’s a punishment for Rudra too to stay in the house for her sake. Rudra’s aunt never leaves a chance to taunt him. Even Rudra replies back well when the talk is about his mum. Paro comes to know about Rudra’s mum and feels sad for him that he was left by his mum when he was two years old. Rudra too develops some feelings for Paro and starts caring for her. Will they eventually fall in love? Will Rudra marry Paro to prove his words right? Keep reading.



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