Devyaani and Rajpanna to tie the knot in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai



Akshara got this thought of making Rajpanna marry again, so that he can get rid of his loneliness. They have seen him missing out Gayatri and unable to stay happy alone. Akshara takes the decision and convinces Naitik, Bhabhimaa and Dadda ji. Everyone are happy seeing the care and love in Akshara’s heart for the family. Akshara sees Rajpanna talking to Devyaani and sharing his time with her well. Akshara chooses Devyaani for Rajpanna as his to be life partner.


Akshara and Bhabhimaa take Rajpanna’s proposal for Devyaani and meet her dad. Her dad is very happy that such a big and lovely family brought the proposal for his daughter. He asks Devyaani to agree for the marriage. Devyaani asks him to tell them about her past. He goes to meet Akshara and tells everyone about Devyaani’s first marriage. Everyone does not care about it and proceed with the marriage talk. Baisa is against this marriage as she does not feel any need for Rajpanna to get married. It is to be seen what happens next as the marriage preparations have started in the show. Can everyone give Gayatri’s place to Devyaani? Keep reading.


  1. this serial is doing a great job of rajpanna’s marriage who r against of 2 marriage by seeing this serial they can change there point of view. {awesome job}


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