Koffee with Karan 5th January 2014: Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone



Karan welcomes the sultry, sexy, exotic and talented Priyanka Chopra. Priyanka walks down the stairs and comes to Karan. Karan hugs and directs her to the couch.
Karan: I want to know where to swing on your whole sexual act. The Ram Chahe Leela song was a moving sex machine.
Priyanka: I don’t know, that song was Sanjay’s conception.
Karan: It is like you never tell you, I want to know is it all being fabulous travelling from Mumbai and LA.


Priyanka: It is extremely difficult.
Karan: Was there any fear of losing the movies here?
Priyanka: No, I have been fortunate to get amazing works.
Karan: Does it pinch you when you don’t get any award?
Priyanka: Barfi was very close to me, I told my dad that I am going to Filmfare, he said good luck. I called him and said I am not winning, why should I stay. He says because you are a sportsman, clap for someone else.
Karan welcomes the stunning performer, ravishing and one of the top actresses Deepika
Padukone. Deekipa enters and hugs Priyanka.
Karan: What happened last time on the couch, are you over with it?


Deepika: I think people made it a bigger issue, it was not an issue for me. Ranbir and I have an understanding and good chemistry between us.
Karan: It was heartening to see Priyanka at Deepika’s party, it was nice seeing two girls hang out.
Priyanka: I know Deepika for years now, before she started acting. She is a cool chic and we get along well.
Deepika: We had common friends, it’s a perception that actors don’t get along.

Karan: With whom have you get along?
Deepika: I have been friendly with Anushka, Katrina….
Karan: You think you are Anushka’s friend, you are really living in a bubble.
Deepika: Karan, don’t behave like you don’t know. I know from my side, I don’t have any awkwardness with anyone.
Karan: Are you dating Ranveer Singh?
Deepika: Am I dating him?
Karan: Why don’t you want to update on it?
Priyanka: Because some people have to keep it private.
Deepika: There was a stage in my life where I felt I am genuinely in love, I thought that relation will go beyond just dating. But it did not work out. I am scared to invest emotionally, I don’t know just to casually date.

Karan: Banging in dates, is it tough?
Priyanka: Last time I met Shahid in some party, we are fine.
Karan: There is no awkward moment with your current love interest.
Deepika: I think my equation with Ranbir is very clear.
Karan: You went on record about the intensity of relation you had with him.
Deepika: There is no reason for anyone to be worried about us.
Karan: She has done some Padhai of these lines to talk on this show.
Karan: You and Salman had an issue, you popped out of his house at 4 o clock.
Priyanka: People make a controversy out of everything. He has always been kind to me.
Karan: What about casually dating?

Priyanka: I don’t think you can do that, being in the position you are. People make news.
Deepika: It has to do more with Indian culture, it is not in our culture to date.
Karan: I feel like I am talking to two nuns, western virgins. I don’t believe you, I think you are lying.

Karan: Have you had any lesbian encounters?
Priyanka: Ya.
Deepika: That’s not a sin, why are you rubbing your knees Karan. (Priyanka and Deepika burst into laughter seeing Karan!!)
Karan: Really? I was not expecting this.
Karan: What happens if men hit on you, what’s your favorite back off situation?

Deepika: I think you can be without rubbing anyone the wrong way.
Karan: Even if they want to be rubbed the right way.
Karan: How were you hit by someone?
Deepika: I think my smiling is my Go to.
Karan: Any text messages? What you reply, again smileys.
Deepika laughs. Priyanka talks about her moments when she entered in the film industry.
Karan: This year has been spectacular for Deepika, do Priyanka feel this as a threat?
Priyanka: Not right now, I am doing good work. She has done some fabulous films.
Karan: How was it when your relationship with Ranbir ended, was it tough for you?

Deepika: Yes, it was very difficult for me, that relationship became my life, it taught me a lot, when it ended, it made me a better person.
Karan: It is so strange that you had a similar zone when you lost your father?
Priyanka: I went back to work four days later. I am a very different person when I come out publicly. I was very close to my dad.

Karan starts the rapid fire round with Priyanka first.


Karan: In whose bedroom would you find the following things?
Handcuff? Priyanka: Maybe some magazine editor.
A mirror on the ceiling? Priyanka: Duggu
A life size poster? Priyanka: Bebo.
Karan: Whom would you dedicate the following pop songs? Sex baby?
Priyanka: I will dedicate it to Deepika.
Karan: Can we do dinner and discuss about Deepika’s sex life.
Deepika: It’s not about us, about exes, we would like to catch up for dinner.
Karan: Hips don’t lie? Priyanka: Sonakshi, she has some masala hips.

Karan then turns to Deepika for the rapid fire round.


Karan: Who looks best shirtless?
Deepika: Salman.
Karan: Have you kissed someone and regretted it?
Deepika: No.
Karan: Gone skinny ripping with your boyfriend?
Deepika: Never.
Karan: A role that kept passing on?
Deepika: Supposedly not.
Karan: Who is the first one you think will be getting married, you or Ranbir?
Deepika: I think Ranbir.
Karan: Your best onscreen kiss was with?
Deepika: Ranveer Singh.

Karan says Priyanka wins the hamper marginally. Priyanka says I will share it with Deepika. Karan says you have a chance to redeem Deepika, let’s play with the Coffee quiz about Bollywood trivia. Priyanka wins the coffee quiz gift. The show ends with Karan signing off, with Deepika and Priyanka signing the coffee mugs.




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