Cupid struck Shivani finally in Do Dil Bandhe Ek Dori Se.



Recently we wrote about Shivani insulting Raghu and refusing to give him money for her employee Govindji’s son operation. She thinks Raghu needs money and Govindji is helping Raghu in his plan. Raghu tries to bring out the truth but fails. He refuses to take any wrong path and wants to earn the money rightly to get Govindji’s son operated. That’s why he decides to do a dangerous stunt that gives him quick bucks of 5 Lakhs Rupees.


Meanwhile, Shivani misses Raghu in the office as he didn’t turn up. She gets worried for him. She imagines him everywhere as watchman, peon, employee etc. She bumps into him and they have an eyelock. She realizes Raghu’s worth in her life. Shivani realizes that Raghu is actually a kind hearted and generous person who can’t see anyone’s misery. She realizes her love for Raghu. Will the two souls unite? Stay tuned.


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