Hajera Hasan @ 11.25 PM IST:


Greetings!! Hope everyone is doing good. We are getting much clicks at Iss Pyaar… posts. I think many people love that show. We will try to give more updates on that show. We got some requests about some shows and we covered it. We assure you that the posts will be of your interests as the site is yours. We will be mending it as per the reader’s likes. Our site is raining with every cool post drops. We hope you find it soothing. We don’t want you to negotiate with the content as we aim to give the best to you.

Amena is also working hard for this site. She does not write blogs but is equally serving you. We are getting appraisal. Thanks guys. Also, you can check the older posts. I realized that the older posts are less viewed as the daily content is occupying the home page. The content is intended to keep your eyeballs and heart happy. There is nothing like haggle in our case. We will try to keep you entertained. Keep reading!! Be cheerful!!



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