Raman, the small screen’s hot angry young man in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



Girls love him for his killer attitude. Raman Kumar Bhalla who recently married Ishita Iyer in the show is angry for all the valid reasons. Ashok can’t see him happy and plans a dirty game against him. Ashok spots Raman at a common friend’s party and lies to him that Ruhi is his daughter. Raman is not able to digest this. Ashok fools Raman by saying Shagun and I were dating long time ago and Ruhi is the proof of our togetherness. He asks Raman to think of him whenever he sees Ruhi. Raman gets angry knowing this fact that Ruhi is Ashok’s daughter and starts believing Ashok. Ishita is not aware of this drama and does not understand the reason of Raman’s rude behavior with Ruhi.


Ruhi is hurt by Raman’s arrogance and tells Ishita that she does not like Raman. Mr. Bhalla fumes on Raman and asks everyone not to give Raman food or water at home, as Raman thinks it’s a hotel, not his home. He asks them to boycott Raman so that he knows the importance of family. Raman goes to Ruhi’s school to pick Ruhi and brings Ruhi’s friend home by mistake as he does not see her face. Everyone are shocked seeing such a big mistake. Ashok brings Ruhi home and taunts Raman thus hurting his sentiments. What will Ishita do to bring Raman close to Ruhi? Keep reading.


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