Nikhil scuttles to meet up Lajjo in Gustakh Dil



Nikhil had signed the divorce papers of him and Lajjo and given it to Ishaana. Ishaana is happy that Nikhil is free from his burdened marriage. Nikhil and Ishaana have a great time roaming freely and feeling the freedom the divorce will give them. Ishaana thinks Lajjo will never come back in their lives. Even Lajjo thought so, but destiny brings Nikhil and Lajjo together again.


Nikhil misses the news report on TV about Sonbarsa’s epidemic disease as he was busy talking to his love Ishaana. Next day, he reads the newspaper and is shocked to read the news about people dying in Sonbarsa because of the deadly disease.

He gets worried thinking about Lajjo. Will he relate this to his bad dream of seeing a woman dead? Will he understand that the woman is in dream was not Ishaana, but Lajjo? Nikhil and Ishaana finalize their education trip to London and days are close for them to leave for London. But this time, to everyone’s surprise, Nikhil chooses Lajjo over Ishaana. He rushes to meet his still legal wife Lajjo and leaves behind his girlfriend Ishaana. Nikhil comes to Sonbarsa and is broken up seeing Lajjo’s serious condition. She is on the death bed. Will he be able to bring lively hope in Lajjo’s life? Will Lajjo’s true love win and give her a new life? Will Nikhil realize Lajjo’s importance in his life? Keep reading.


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