Zain rescues Aaliya from Surayya's anger in Colors' Beintehaa



In the previous episodes, we saw how Aaliya helps Fahad to get out of the betting racket by selling her jewellery and arranging 1.75 crores. We even saw Zain following Aaliya and assuming she is trying to elope with some guy.


In the future episodes, we will see Fahad giving money to Chakkiwala to hand it over to the goons and will thank Aaliya for helping him. Shaziya will inform Surayya about Aaliya selling the jewellery and will provoke her to take action against Aaliya. To ruin Aaliya’s image in front of Usman and others, Surayya will call jeweller home and will ask all her bahus to get their jewelleries for polishing. Other two will bring their jewelleries, but Aaliya will not. Surayya pretends as not knowing about jewellery being sold. She will call Usman and ask him to come soon today as she has to take some important decision. She will then command Aaliya to get the jewellery back by evening 4 p.m, else she will inform Usman.

Zain will yell at Aaliya first for giving off her jewellery. He will come know about Fahad’s betting scandal and Aaliya helping him with her jewellery and will come next morning with all the jewellery and save Aaliya.

Aaliya and Zain will be shocked to hear that Fahad kept their house Barkat Royale’s papers as collateral and goon asking 5 crores now. Will Zain and Aaliya succeed in getting back Barkat Royale’s papers? Keep watching the upcoming episodes.


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