Dhara to salt away Jai from Chandrika in Sanskaar



We have given you the bits of news that Jai was kidnapped by Chandrika. The show dragged it a lot showing Jai caught and kept in the family’s outhouse and the whole family foolishly unknown about it. Dhara goes to the outhouse to get a bronze jar but it’s a hit and miss situation. She does not see Jai. She does an tough Anushthaan which Maha Guru ji asked her to do. Maha Guru ji assures her that she will soon get Jai safe after doing it. Parul is still annoyed with Dhara for making Jai fall in this trap.


But Dhara will win her heart once again, by saving Jai. In the upcoming episodes, Dhara will prove that it’s Chandrika who is behind Jai’s kidnapping. Ravi will be arrested by the police inspector Durga and he will name Chandrika. Dhara will be bringing Jai home and get back everyone’s happiness. What will Chandrika do now? Will she accept her defeat? How will Ansubaa react knowing Chandrika’s truth? Keep reading.


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