Conflicting costumes of Gopi and Radha in Star Plus' Saath Nibhana Saathiya



The mischievous kids Tolu and Molu, Rashi and Jigar’s sons shake hands with Gopi’s daughter Vidya to unite Ahem and Gopi. Kinjal’s son Prateik supports his brothers in this good move. Kids are taken back to the Modi Bhavan from their hostel. kids come home and behave decently and they touch elder’s feet, suprising their family.


Kokila tells them about Radha and Ahem’s marriage. Kids get angry and determine themselves to stop Ahem-Radha wedding. They imagine Gopi in fairy’s (pari) attire and Radha in witch’s (chudail) attire. They imagines that Radha will harass them after marrying their bade papa. They make plan with Vidya and Rashi.

They try to convince the family that Radha is not right for their Ahem Papa but fail. They tell Ahem that they know everything about Gopi and his daughter but couldn’t convince them. Elders get angry on them.

Then they make a plan. They tell Gopi that they are playing a game and Gopi has to act and dress up as a bride. Oblivious to kids’ plan, Gopi agrees. She dresses up as a bride. Vidya takes her to the marriage altar. Kids make her drink something which makes Gopi unconscious. They blindfold her with the help of Rashi. Rashi takes Gopi to the marriage altar and makes her sit beside Ahem. After the marriage is done, Radha comes and demands to stop the wedding. Kokila scolds Gopi for coming in their lives again. Vidya supports Kokila and warns her not to scold her mom. Tolu, Molu and Pappu have done a wonder by getting Ahem and Gopi married. Stay tuned to watch Ahem and Gopi’s wedding next week.



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