Koffee with Karan Season 4: Freida Pinto and Nargis Fakhri 2nd March 2014 Episode 14 Written Update





Karan welcomes the remarkable international face Freida Pinto. He says I m glad that you finally made it to my couch. Frieda says I m really very happy to have a chit chat with you.
Karan: Did you get lot of rejection in Hindi film fraternity?
Frieda: Not necessary. I was going to be one of the girls in Chak De India.

Karan: Are you saying Yash Raj films rejected you?
Freida: They auditioned me, Slumdog was also going on at the same time, and Slumdog happened. I felt Chak De India was a great film. If I talk about Indian Commercials, I did get rejected as I did not look Indian face.
Karan: Was there any one kind of moment that it’s me infront of them?
Frieda: I was asked to go on stage and accept the award on Brad’s behalf, and I went ahead and thanked his mother.
Karan: Are you dating Dev Patel?
Freida: Ya, its four and half years now.


Karan: Is he younger than you?
Freida: Yes, he was 17 when he met me. It was an English accent that he had and he is well beyond this maturity.
Karan: Is he stable now?
Frieda: Yes, we are not marrying, he is 23 and I m 29.

Karan welcomes the second guest of the evening. The stunning and super exciting Nargis Fakhri.
Karan: What do you mean by a getter girl?
Nargis: I grew up in a bad neighborhood. I always knew I wanted to travel.
Karan: Your dad is Pakistani.
Nargis: Ya. My mum always went on and on about travelling, showed me countries on the map where she has been. I don’t have any aspirations in life. I think I figured I can work and travel at the same time, so gave it to a shot to modeling.
Karan: It’s an interesting journey. Do you think you have to fit in there Freida?

Freida: It not like fit in, I can get out and come back to India. I like being the outsider.
Karan: Do you like being the outsider?
Nargis: It’s tough. India’s culture is tough that I did not understand what’s going on.
Karan: I know you resisted many men. Were you abused to get messages from leading movie stars?
Nargis: My guy friends are hot and sexy men. It’s like I just want to be friends with them and nothing more.
Frieda: It can be misread about us if we are friends with some men.
Karan: Are you dating Uday Chopra?
Nargis: I am, I m not going to say anything.
Freida: It’s exciting, I don’t have any link ups.
Karan: You have an interesting last name Nargis.
Nargis: My name is spelled wrong as Nargas which means Butt cheeks.
Freida: My name Pinto means little peanuts.
Karan: Did you take a conscious decision in showing the skin?
Freida: I think I can make a clear distinction in what’s my job and what’s my reality. I think every human being should be in touch with his sexual side. Dev convinced me to do that video. I always wanted to be a part of a music video.


Nargis: For me, it’s not a big deal, I know many strippers, I attended many night clubs. It’s really cool.
Karan: Did you feel after Rockstar, there was criticism that came your way.
Nargis: There was much criticism.
Karan: They said some terrible things about your performance.
Nargis: There is so much work behind a film, what can I say.
Karan: Have you ever waited to turn into a lesbian?
Nargis: Still waiting, I find Freida very hot.
Karan: Now you are acting with Varun Dhawan in David Dhawan’s film.
Nargis: Ya.
Karan: You are doing a pool song where everyone are wearing nothing.
Nargis: Varun is the one who is exposing a lot.


Karan plays the rapid fire round with Nargis first.
Karan: What do actresses mean when they say : I don’t have time for relationships.
Nargis: I am sleeping with everyone.
Karan: Commercial cinema does not interest me?
Nargis: May be I am not getting one.
Karan: Kill, marry, hook up: Uday Chopra, John Abraham, Ranbir Kapoor.
Nargiz: I will kill John, hook up Ranbir and marry Uday.
Karan: An idea that changed your life.
Nargis: It was Imtiyaz’s idea.
Karan: The actress you find hot.
Nargis: Priyanka Chopra.
Karan: Have you gone skinny ripping with your boyfriend?
Nargis: Yes.
Karan: One thing you would buy in a sex shop.
Nargis: A strap on, a pole and a disco ball.
Karan: Who is the first person that comes to your mind when I say: Momma’s boy?
Nargis: Ranbir
Karan: Fashion Diva?
Nargis: Sonam
Karan: Gossip Queen?
Nargis: Ranbir


Karan now turns to Freida for the rapid fire ride.
Karan: If you wrote a matrimonial ad for yourself what would it say?
Freida: Anybody who is not looking for a fair, light eyed virgin.
Karan: Kill, marry, hook up Shahrukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Dev Patel.
Freida: No kill for me, I respect Shahrukh, I will hook up with Dev and marry Ranbir.
Karan: Sexy Bollywood star?
Frieda: Ranbir
Karan: An idea that changed your life?
Freida: I don’t need to play anybody anymore.
Karan: Bollywood actress you don’t want Dev Patel to act with?
Freida: Nargis and Deepika, he finds both of them very sexy.

The rapid fire ends and the winner is Frieda Pinto. The Coffee quiz starts and it is about Bollywood GK. Nargis wins the coffee quiz hamper. The episode ends on them sharing their thoughts about the show and signing the coffee mugs.




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