Ishita to get Ruhi’s DNA test done in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



The story goes like this. Raman is heartbroken after meeting Aditya at Ashok’s house. Aditya asks him to sign on the papers stating he has no objection if Aditya wants to change his father’s name on his passport. Raman is upset and goes to a bar. He opens the wine bottle by his teeth and gets pain. He goes to see his dentist but he is unavailable. Ishita is called at the place as the guest dentist and Raman is shocked to see her. Ishita too is surprised to see him and starts treating him.


She gives him anesthesia and Raman speaks up that Ruhi is not his daughter but Ashok’s. Ishita is shocked to know this. To end the fight happening in Raman’s heart, she decides to get Ruhi’s DNA test done to know who is her real father. Ishita takes Raman’s hair samples and sends it to the lab. She is anxious to find out the truth. We all know that Ashok is lying and Raman is Ruhi’s father. But it has to be seen if Ashok plays a dirty game again and fools Ishita and Raman. Will Ishita find out the whole truth? Will she understand that Raman is not that bad after all? Keep reading.


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