Kabir is Saras’s long lost brother in Saraswatichandra



Kabir is trying his best to win everyone’s heart in the show by his manipulative games. First, he makes Vidyachatur’s cloth orders get cancelled and then he offers his help to him saying he will be finding some client who would pay for the order. He does so and wins Vidyachatur’s trust. Vidyachatur and the whole Desai family are singing his songs. Even Saras started believing that what Kabir is doing for them is extraordinary. Saras is grateful for him for his numerous favors on the family.


Kabir does not want Laxminandan to become fine and is doing his bit to make him stay in coma. Reportedly, Kabir has come to take revenge from Laxminandan and Ghuman. We heard that he is the brother of Saraswatichandra and Ghuman is responsible for their separation. How far is it true, we will find out only in the upcoming episodes of the show. The track is getting on interesting. Keep watching or keep reading only at TellyReviews.



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