Ishq Kills 2nd March 2014 *3rd Episode* Star Plus Written Update



The love is enough to open the locked door, but is it safe to go inside. Nanda fell in love with her married boss Siddharth. Nanda was a household maid who worked in Sid’s house. Sid’s wife asks her to stay at home rather than coming daily at irregular times. Sid comes home and hugs his wife. They were very much in love. Nanda is introduced to Sid. Sid’s wife asks Nanda to shift in their house. Nanda thinks about it. She asks her mum about this. Her mum asks Nanda to stay away from Sid. Nanda says Sid and his wife are good. Her mum warns her about Sid’s bad character.



A driver misbehaves with Nanda and Sid saves her. Nanda is touched by his help. Nanda sees Sid’s photo in his absence and slowly falls in love with him. Sid brings many gifts for his wife. Sid stops Nanda and gives her a gift. Nanda is happy and accepts it. He says I liked few things for my wife Aarti and this for you. Its an anklet. Sid starts flirting with Nanda and says the man will be lucky who loves you. She says there is no one such. He says no, there is someone who started loving you. Nanda feels his presence around her all the time. Nanda sees Sid and his wife sleeping together. Sid finds her watching.

When Nanda serves him food, he touches her which scares her. He gets closer to Nanda and she becomes shy. Aarti leaves for brunch with her friends. Sid gets some time with Nanda. He comes to her and touches her. She says what are you doing. I m not that type. He says when did I say that. She gives herself to him. They start having an affair. Nanda comes to her mum and says I m shifting to Sid’s house as I will be getting more pay. Her mum asks her to come till Sunday as her to be sister in law is coming to meet her.

Nanda tells Aarti that she is shifting. She lies about her mum. Aarti asks her to stay in servant’s quarter. The cook tells her that he knows why she shifted in the house and because of whom. Nanda comes to Sid and asks how am I looking, having applied the sindoor by your name. Sid gets angry on her and asks her to clean it. He speaks ill about her character. She says you are my first love. She asks him not to sleep with his wife as she does not like it. He says stop it, she is my wife. Nanda wishes to get Sid’s love and become his wife.

Sid apologizes to Nanda for scolding her in morning. He tells her that he can help her financially and gives her a mobile phone. Nanda feels glad. The cook comes to know about their affair going on a high. Aarti tells Nanda that Sid loves short dresses. Sid gives his equal time to his wife. Nanda tries Aarti’s short dresses in her absence. Aarti scolds Nanda for not doing her work well. Nanda argues with Aarti. Aarti fires her but Sid keeps her on job. The cook taunts Nanda. He starts blackmailing her asking her for favors. Nanda tells Sid that she wants him. She says the cook is blackmailing her. She asks him to marry her.

Nanda tells Sid that she loves him a lot. Sid laughs on her. He shows his reality to her and she is shocked. He asks her to get out else he will kick her out. Nanda gets angry and says you see now what I do, I will tell everything to Aarti. He says go and say, no one will believe you. Nanda comes home crying. Her mum gets worried and asks what happened. Nanda’s heart was broken and she was unable to decide what’s right and wrong. There is a party at Sid’s house. Nanda sees Sid going after a girl. She finds them making love.

Nanda says sorry to Sid saying I was mad, I won’t do this again. Sid starts staring at her again. Aarti tells Sid that Nanda is getting married soon. Its Diwali, Nanda gets dressed beautifully. Aarti tells her that she is going to her mum’s house. Nanda says she will take care of the house. Sid comes home and Nanda tells him there is no one at home. Sid is about to kiss her and she asks him to come with her to his bedroom. Sid takes her to the bedroom and makes love. Nanda records everything and comes to the party with Sid. She meets the girl with whom Sid hooked up at his house and shows her the video. The girl sends the MMS to everyone including Aarti. Aarti and everyone in the party see the video.

Aarti slaps Sid and leaves. Sid sees the video and is shocked. All the people are ashamed of Sid. Sid gets Nanda’s call. She says now everyone will believe me. She says I loved you, but you rejected me. Now this is the Diwali gift, now the scores are equal. Nanda smiles winning the things she lost. This ended Aarti’s marriage, Nanda’s innocence and her believe in love.

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