Veera comes to stop Gunjan – Ranvi's wedding in Star plus' Veera


Chaiji informs Veera on phone that her Veerji Ranvi is getting married to Gunjan. Veera is shocked. Gunjan is seen brought in the marriage altar. Veera thinks to stop Gunjan from marrying her Veerji. She is coming to the venue on her bike but accidently falls down. She thinks, why should Veerji be punished for Gunjan didi’s mistake.

Ranvi and Gunjan are seen taking the pheras in presence of the family members. Veera takes lift from someone and is on the way. She thinks to bring out the truth infront of everyone. She reaches the marriage altar and looks at them. Keep reading only on


[dailymotion id=k3B8Qm3pnOs6zI5Hzzh]


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