Satyamev Jayate Season 2 9th March 2014 Star Plus *2nd Episode* Written Update



Aamir starts the show saying this program is his step towards creating awareness. People need change and there is one thing that affects us every day, which can change. People gives some opinions. Today’s topic is on Police force. They are responsible for people’s safety in every possible way. They have high responsibility and also great power. Do they fulfill their duties well? People say they don’t do their work well, they ask for money, they need bribes in the form of fine. The video footage shows some policemen beating civilians mainly women and young girls. They are corrupted so much that they don’t solve our problems, but pose a problem for us.


Aamir says we got numerous stories against the police force, but our aim is to find a solution to bring a positive change in the police force. Only the policemen can tell us where and how to bring the change as they know the system. Some good policemen want to bring the change and are tired of seeing the corruption in police. Abhinav Kumar, IPS shares his views about read genuine updates only on Indian police. He says they are not working in the right way but with difficulty. He says they don’t have a place to sit, as some police stations are operating in tents. They get sudden news about crime and they have to rush, we don’t have level of resources. Cars are less, man power is less, arms and oil is less.


Aamir says why don’t the system give them these facilities. Abhinav explains further about the mentality of ruling power against police force. Prakash Singh, IPS says police is not for people, but for politicians. They don’t work for people and care about politicians. It is their weakness. Police treat the poor people bad. The politicians control the police by transfers, promotions etc. He says if the policemen agree with the politicians, they will get the good posting. Prakash tried to make the politicians interference end in the police force but it did not happen.

Justice K. T. Thomas, Ex-Judge, Supreme Court says a home minister said that what’s the use of political power if we can’t transfer any policeman. The Supreme Court order was not obeyed and the change did not happen. 92% of police force is constables whose lives are very difficult, who don’t have much power, who follow the orders. They have to be ready for 24 hours service. They don’t even get food and time to rest. They don’t get any facilities. Few constables work in IPS officer’s houses.

Shivaji Mahan Cairae, IPS confirms it and says some constable are working for petty works. Sanjay Pandey, IPS also shares his views about constables. He says they don’t get promotions easily. Aamir says the constables take bribes from everyone on roads. He is earning a lot, his salary would be less but earnings are more. The investigation department is shown in an AV. S. R. Darapuri, IPS comes to talk with Aamir. He says we don’t use all the samples from forensic science labs, some good evidence goes waste. It is not efficient. He says major investigation is done by torturing the culprit. Some innocent people can’t bear the torture and accept that they did the crime.

To prove their crime, we need some proof from forensics else the man will say they have beaten me so much that I had to accept. What is the mental state of policemen? Dr. Harish Shetty, Psychiatrist has cured some policemen. He says when the policemen don’t get respect and get a bad name, they get a mental problem. It is our duty not to torture them by our words. They get panic attacks and to avoid it, they drink wine and lose humanity. They become cruel and heartless. They are also humans, but we have made them such by being harsh to them. They get depressed and some of them do suicide.

Does police system have few weaknesses? Bipin Gopalakrishna, IPS says the police act was made to control the freedom event. The police system and army system is different. Police loves civilians, we are friends. A Police Commissioner of Greater Manchester says he joined his service as a constable and everyone gets a chance based on their merit. In 1861, British rule brought a police act for control, we need such police act always.

Jacob Punnoose, IPS tells about the image of police. It should be good so that people can come to them to seek help. Everyone needs police but no one likes police. No one wants to become the witness of the crime but want the crime to end. Every civilian is afraid of police and the goons are not afraid of police. A Police officer made committees and tried to make the civilians and themselves together so that they become friendly and trustworthy. The constables got respects from the civilians and they got encouraged to work well.


If police and civilians join hands, it will be good. Jilio Ribeiro, IPS shares his views that police have to change their behavior and should not rule. It should change. The problem is police force is misused by politicians. We should get a friendly police. It should be People’s Police read original updates only on A good police is necessary as clothes and food. Ask the politicians will they obey the Supreme Court orders. If we together ask for a change, it will happen. Satyamev Jayate.

The song plays…….. Dhundta hai mann mera, yaar wo saathi sakha, mujhe bin kahe jo yeh bolde tujhe fikar kya, mai hoon khada. (My heart searches for such a friend who tells me without speaking that why do you worry when I m with you)


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  1. Thanks 4 update… !
    suprised to knw the condition of indian police tdy….if they dnt feel protected den hw can dey make us feel secured…

  2. first i would like to thank tellyreview as update was quickly posted and pics were also added.2days epsd was nice but not as good as first epsd.but one thing i learned today that we should not always blame police dept.


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