Saanchi wins 'truth and dare' game irking Ankita in Sony's Jee Le Zara



Dhruv’s friend Ankita is trying to bridge a gap between Dhruv and Saanchi. She comes to Dhruv’s home with their common friends. She proposes them to play truth and dare game. Dhruv is asked by his friends to recognize his lady love by being blind folded. Dhruv identifies his Saanchi among all the girls. Ankita gets annoyed. She plans to insults Saanchi.


Saanchi’s turn comes. Ankita says, she will ask her question. She asks her to tell the truth and asks her to tell about the man in her life before Dhruv. Saanchi is shocked. Dhruv is surprised too. Saanchi answers her question and says she has two men in her life and both of them taught her about the different aspect of love. She says, they are still there in her life and the third man in her life is Dhruv. Dhruv is shocked and surprised.

Ankita feels happy but he plans gets ruined when Saanchi tells them about her father and her brother Addu who means a lot for her. What will Ankita do to insult Saanchi? She poses as Dhruv’s wife in the party to make Saanchi feel uncomfortable. Stay tuned or keep reading.


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