Radha to raise a doubt about Vidya's identity in Star Plus' Saath Nibhana Saathiya



Until now, Gopi has not been accepted by her family at Modi Bhavan. Vidya is staying with Ahem. Gopi tries hard to get her daughter back, but Ahem doesn’t allow her to take Vidya with her. He is angry at Gopi for hiding the existence of Vidya from him and Modi family.


Gopi tries to explain to them that the circumstances didn’t allow her to say about her pregnancy. She was carrying the baby when she left Modi Bhavan. Kokila who holds her responsible for Meera’s loss, takes out her wrath on her.

In the coming episodes, Radha will push Vidya. When Tolu and Molu accuse her of pushing Vidya, Radha bursts into anger and tells everyone that Vidya might not be the real daughter of Modi’s and Gopi might just lying. This will shock the entire Modi family. It will raise a doubt about Vidya’s identity. What will Ahem and Gopi do now? Keep reading.


  1. plz remove the character of radha she is very irritating and plz bring ahem and gopi back together its long time now


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