Akshara to abort her baby and dreams in Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai



Akshara is facing lots of complications in her pregnancy. The doctor asks her to abort the baby. Akshara thinks about it and hides this from the family. Devyaani suspects Akshara is hiding something and calls her doctor. Devyaani comes to know everything and asks Akshara to tell everything to Naitik as it is his right to be informed. Akshara asks her not to tell anything to Naitik as he will be hurt and his dreams will be shattered.


Akshara thinks about Naitik’s words when he said he wants to live Naksh’s childhood with this coming baby. He wants to be at the baby’s side and see him grow. Naitik missed everything at Naksh’s time as he was unwell and wants to live his life again. Everyone in the house are waiting for the baby. Akshara does not want to ruin their happiness and wants to take the risk of keeping the baby, no matter if she has to suffer.

Devyaani suggests Akshara to do as the doctor says and abort the baby. Akshara breaks about the complications to everyone, which leaves them in a state of shock. Naitik wants Akshara to be fine and unwillingly has to get apart from the baby. Naitik gets sad and the family also loses their happiness. Akshara decides to abort the baby on Naitik’s insistence and their dreams of becoming parents again breaks. Sad and tough decision for Akshara and Naitik!!


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